Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yay! I'm in a happy mood because I got to leave work at 11 pm this evening. They were downsizing and asking for volunteers to leave. This hardly ever happens and it's my last night working this I quickly volunteered. This way I'll be able to get some sleep tonight rather than sleeping all day tomorrow.

This week the shifts were easy. The patients were pretty good. Today was the beginning of Nurses Week. One of my patient's families brought in a huge shopping bag full of chocolate candy and a card thanking us for all that we do. It's nice to be appreciated. In fact...they did more just by doing that than what our hospital is doing.

My hospital is having a breakfast for nightshift and a luncheon for courtesy of the CAFETERIA! That's it. I remember the times when they would do something unique each day/night and make a big deal about celebrating nurses week. This year....practically nothing. I don't get it. I mean our yearly bonuses went towards redecorating the doctor's lounge and buying them a big flat screen tv. It's obvious who the hospital caters to, but I didn't think it would get so bad that they'd blow off nurses week. Just more signs to move on I guess.

On an upnote...I got to see Michael W. Smith in concert last Friday. He was amazing. Words alone can go right to the heart and he knows exactly what to say. PLUS I get to see Tim McGraw in concert this coming Sunday. Woo hoo!!! I'm excited!

Have a good week everyone!