Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's funny

It's funny how things aren't always as wonderful as you pictured they would be. Like having 10 days off. Don't get me wrong...I loveeeeeeeeeee not being at work. Especially this week as I heard AHCA is in the house (hospital) doing inspections. Not that they are there at night, but the day staff is usually frantically stressed out & I like not having to deal with that. I don't go back to work until Friday night........and Saturday night......and Sunday night....and Monday night. What have I gotten myself into? 4 shifts in a row at that place is like working 4 months straight. Sigh. Let's not think about that until Friday.

Where was I? Oh yeah....when I scheduled myself to have 10 days off.....I pictured myself....relaxing, spending time with friends & family, getting my house organized, spending a couple days at the beach, feeling rested & relaxed before I had to return to the crazy place I call work. My first day off was last Tuesday. I didn't really accomplish anything between Tuesday & Friday....except sleep. I slept so well....ahhhh. And I caught up on my tv shows. I did spend the weekend with my brother, niece & nephew. That was fun...relaxing...nice. By Sunday afternoon, I couldn't wait to have my house to myself again. My fav football player, Tim Tebow, was starting for the Denver Broncos. I couldn't watch. I'm really not that interested in pro football. I had the tv on & I could hear it, but I wasn't watching it. I knew they were losing. I checked out facebook & saw all the people dissing Tebow. That he's overhyped. That he has no talent as a quarterback.

It was at this point that I barked back at the haters & decided to watch the last part of the game. I knew they were losing 15-0 & virtually had no shot at winning....but something drew me in to watch. And guess what...not only did they tie it up...Tebow went on to win the game. A M A Z I N G ! ! ! Of course I immediately went back on facebook & posted "Uhhh, you were saying????..."

It isn't that he is a talented athlete. He works hard....harder than probably any other athlete out there. But I think what works for him is his ability to motivate. Heck, he had the Miami fans cheering AGAINST Miami....lol. I don't think his calling is football, but if that's how he can reach people right now...then that is his purpose for now. He's definitely a leader. Remember the name!

Ok, so that was all good & I finally got the one thing I had been craving for the last 2 weeks or so = Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts. Mmmmm...they are yummy. Almost as good as the Pumpkin Pie Blizzard at Dairy Queen.

I am getting together with my friends tomorrow night. And more than likely I'll go away somewhere on Wed & Thurs. So most of my to-do list is done. Well, except the organizing part. I'm good at procrastinating that.

But right now I sit here hating the dating life. Not that things are going bad. They are still really good....like better than I thought possible good, but not too good to be true good, if that makes sense. What I hate is all the old emotions it brings up from past relationships....disappointment, lack of trust, mind games, unsure of myself. He doesn't bring that out in me...he's been the opposite of all that. So I know it's my issues & I don't know if they are being brought to the surface because my "walls" are coming down or if I'm looking to keep them in place. I'm actually looking forward to going back to work to get my mind on something else...because I'm finding too much time for myself = too much time to think about things I don't need to be thinking about. And it doesn't help that PMS showed up on Friday & seems to still be here. Sigh. Breathe Jen Breathe. I'll be ok. Venting is over.

Highlight of last week........seeing Sugarland in concert!!!!!!! They are so awesome. Highlight after seeing Sugarland in concert.....finding out Luke Bryan is coming to Orlando on Jan 22. Yay!!!!!!!!! He's opening for Jason Aldean....not really a fan of him, but I'll be going to see Luke. And I also found out Lady Antebellum will be in concert in May. Not sure if I'll go see them....it's in Jacksonville, so I'll need to have some extra money for a hotel. We'll see how much I work the next few months & decide from there.

Work was great last week. I had 3 really good patients, two nights in a row. However, other patients on the unit would not stop screaming. It felt like a psych ward or possibly the labor & delivery room. Nothing was wrong with them. They were just screamers. You get people like that sometimes. I seriously don't know how employees at nursing homes do it. Maybe they are hard of hearing? I have a nursing skills fair the beginning of Nov & I think we have a big meeting next week to review our employee satisfaction scores. So exciting...NOT. We have lost 2 more night nurses & what does our manager do...hire new grads. Which means they won't be ready to be on their own for 12 weeks. Great! Oh well, that should mean I can work more...which is what I need to do.....for my emotional needs & my bank account needs. :)

p.s. Operation Workout is on hold....I know, I know...it will do me good emotionally. I'm trying to get motivated. Where is Tim Tebow when I need him???

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Nightmare Continues

Yep...same old stuff at work. We have Jcaho & Ahca doing inspections....well, they are due to randomly show up & inspect. So all the administration is on edge, because if we don't pass inspection...we don't get reimbursed by medicare. Such a crock. Needless to say, so much time is spent on paperwork now that I get very little time for actual patient care. Is this what healthcare is coming to? All paperwork to cover our butts & very little nurse-to-patient interaction. I'm trying to just roll with it & hoping that once the inspections are complete, life will return to normal. Time will tell.

I got back from my Caribbean cruise last Saturday. I'm a little depressed. I miss the life of luxury where all you think about is what to eat or drink. Nothing else. Sigh. Meanwhile, I'm already planning my next cruise. I believe it will be in December.

I still have my cold. Yep, this sucker isn't going away. It's been like 7 weeks now that it has dragged on. Right before the cruise, all the congestion from my throat area moved up into my sinuses. That has been a lot of fun, let me tell you. Nothing like not being able to breathe while you sleep & non-stop coughing! I have tried nearly everything to no avail. I got a prescription for Flonase today. Everyone keeps telling me it is great for stuffy noses. So far I don't notice any change, but they tell me it takes a few days. Meanwhile, my doctor wants me to drink whiskey. Seriously? Yep, seriously. I can't do it. The thought of it makes me nauseous.

It has been raining here pretty much non-stop for the last 48 hours. I'm tired of it. Someone turn it off. I work tomorrow night & am praying I don't have to drive in it.

I'm still working part-time. Two days is more than enough for me to be at work. Especially with this sickness that won't leave my side. I do need to get focused though. Like if I'm not going to work as much, I should at least be working out at home & getting my act together. All I seem to do is come home & sleep or watch tv. I'm yawning now...but making myself stay up so I can sleep during the day before work. Ahhh, the life of a nightshift nurse. Exciting, huh??? :)

I did have a fun date last weekend. We watched the Florida Gators lose miserably, but we still managed to have fun. I don't know what the future holds, but it is nice to have a connection with someone. Ahhh, jb. :)))

I work Sun & Mon...then off until the following Sunday. I vow to clean my house really good & start exercising....starting Tuesday...lol.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!!!!!