Sunday, February 12, 2012

Another First

Ever taken care of a doctor before? I hadn't, but I have now. While she was as pleasant as one could be in her condition, it is not something I want to do again anytime soon. I didn't treat her any different than any other patient, but there is just a weirdness taking care of someone you sort of work with. I don't really like it.

All the nurses did our "rounding" checkoff. It is insane. My hospital is under the belief that if a patient ever uses the call light...the nurse must not be rounding properly. I am not kidding you that I am considered in the "warning" area because since the beginning of the year, I get an average of 5 call lights a WEEK. Not a shift...but in a week. That is less than 2 call lights in 12 hours of working. You would think that would be pretty damn good, but nope. They want a max of 1-2 a week, but preferably 0. Let me remind you, the nurse call button is right next to all the tv controls. Sigh. We used to be able to give the patients our phone number so they could call & ask for whatever they needed, but now administration has taken that away from us also. I wish these so called administrators would spend a week in the real nursing world so they could see that these idiotic ideas they come up with are ridiculous.

So with all this work frustration, I came home & did the only thing I thought to do. Start cruise shopping. Yep, time for me to plan a cruise vacation so I have something to look forward to & something to inspire me to get through each shift. As it turns out, I now have 2 cruises to look forward to. A short 3 night cruise at the end of March and a 7 night cruise in August. I cannot wait!