Monday, May 28, 2012

Boring Bullets

**Still not a word from the old hospital.  I don't even bother calling them.  I'll let time go by & if I get the desire to switch later in the year, then I'll call.  Right now everything is ok.

**Spent the weekend at my parents house.  Love the sun, dislike the tropical storms.  Oh well, guess we need some rain sometimes.

**There are absolutely no good movies coming out this summer.  How is that possible?  Guess this is one way of keeping me from my theater popcorn with butter...or whatever that liquid is that they serve.

**I've lost a total of 20 lbs with Weight Watchers.  I am not doing all that I am supposed to be doing.  Like I don't really track points nor do I exercise anywhere near what I should be doing...but I consider this baby steps.  I have cut out just about all fast food.  My only weakness is Chick-fil-a.  And I'm just a lot smarter about what I'm eating.  I'll up the exercise here soon enough.

**I found out I am extremely hypothyroid.  I have had thyroid issues since I was a child, but apparently I'm not taking enough medication or maybe I just forget sometimes...but my TSH was 25 when it should be below 5.  So we've upped the thyroid meds.  I don't notice any difference.  Like I wasn't symptomatic even with barely any metabolism.  I'm hoping to notice something for the positive though.  We'll see.

**I'm not sure it's over with the bf.  I just don't know.  It's not easy walking away from someone that is like your biggest cheerleader & has done nothing deliberately wrong.  As most things in my life...we'll see what happens.

**Work has been alright.  Our hospital is overflowing with patients.  I really don't know where they get them from.  It is kinda crazy.  

Monday, May 7, 2012


Still no word from my old hospital.  I've given up on them.  It should not take  over 2 months to hire an experienced nurse who not only knows their computer charting system & works for the same "chain" of hospitals...but also one that worked there for 4 years with a spotless record & knows the hospital.  Ridiculous.  I'm taking it as a sign to stay put.  Doesn't mean I'll stop complaining about work & administration, but I'm staying put.  

Speaking of admin, now they plan to videotape us simulating doing our "rounds."  And then they plan to force us to watch it.  Can you say ugh???  I mean really...this is getting insane.  I wonder how many other administrators are going to be watching it...looking for flaws.  It isn't fair.  They want to blame us if the patients aren't happy, yet they won't provide us with the appropriate staffing to meet the needs of these same patients.  I am human, I can only do so much.  Sigh.

In a turn of events, I broke up with the bf.  He lives 2 1/2 hrs away & I hardly ever see what's the point?  I told him it feels more like a fantasy relationship & unless he's willing to make it more of a reality, bye.  I don't even feel sad or bad.  It will be hard to break the routine of being in touch all day, but I imagine after a few days or weeks...I'll be fine.  

Still going to Weight Watchers.  I've lost a total of 13 lbs I think.  I'm kinda stuck at the moment, but then again...I have yet to work out & I know that is necessary.  Mentally I'm all for working out, but to actually do it...ugh.  I know I'll like the feeling afterwards...all those endorphins & such, but getting started is tough.  I have to stop thinking & just do it.

My paycheck has been awful this month....between taking 3 shifts off because of my back (which feels perfectly fine now...yay) & leaving early whenever they ask if anyone wants to go home....let's just say my bank account is not happy.  My peace of mind is though.  I signed up to work full-time all through the month of June.  Gotta make some money.

Three months until my Caribbean cruise....yay!!!