Saturday, December 31, 2005

End of the Year

It's the last day of 2005 - time sure does fly by & so much can change so quickly.  A year ago I was just graduating & nervously awaiting the start of a new career.  Now I am contemplating leaving the hospital I have become comfortable with - partly to gain more experience & partly because they make things more difficult than it has to be.  The lastest is that we have a new manager/director of our department & she is holding up my ability to go per diem (more money).  Gina is in the same boat.  We were told when we were hired that after we gained a year of experience, we could opt to go per diem.  Now she is saying she needs some time to figure it out - who knows how much time that is, but I want to be paid more now that I met my part of the bargain, you know?  So her indecision may force me to move on to other hospitals.  It's something I want to do, yet at the same time I am very comfortable with the routine & the staff at my current hospital.  That's one good thing about this career....ANYTHING is possible.  With the nursing shortage, we are in demand...makes it easier to move on if you're unhappy where you're at. 

I had a wonderful Christmas.  I love Christmas time, but I am glad it's over.  One less thing to think about & far less money to spend.  I did buy myself a couple of presents...for one - a new computer.  Yep, it was time.  I'm switching over to high speed internet (about time) & wanted a computer that could maximize my use.  I went with Dell & boy, are they fast.  I ordered it Monday night, it was built & shipped on Wednesday & delivered to my door by Friday at noon.  So glad I didn't pay $160 extra for next day delivery because their free delivery was quick.  I love it - it's soooo quiet, you cannot even tell that it's on.  My old computer, well, let's just say it definitely wasn't super quiet like this one.  My other purchase was a Play Station 2.  I used to play video games all the time & sometime in the last 10 years I stopped.  I have no idea why.  I'll grow up one day, but for now, I'm getting back into video games.

I am not scheduled to work until Tuesday.  It's been nice having the last week off.  Have I mentioned how much I like the flexibility of nursing?  That is one thing I do like about my current hospital - we can pick our schedule as opposed to other hospitals that assign you certain days.  Flexibility is key. 

Not too much else going on.  I'm trying to decide what to do tonight for celebrating the New Year.  It seems like it's the same decision each year - go out or stay in?  When I go out, I'm wishing I was at home & not on the roads with all of the drunk drivers.  Yet when I'm at home, I feel like I should be out partying in the new year.  Can't win, can I?  2006...where has the time gone???

Happy New Year safe tonight!


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