Sunday, August 6, 2006

Back to work

It's that time again....back to work.  I enjoyed having the last week off, but at the same time I think "I should be working."  I got a little bit accomplished around the house as far as organizing.  It's weird, at work I am very organized - at home, forget it.  Maybe it's because I have to be organized at work or else I'll fall behind & I don't like staying after 7:15 at work.  Plus you never know when a patient's condition is going to make a turn for the worse & when a charge nurse or doctor is asking you questions regarding the patient's history & labs/tests - you have to be prepared.  I have a pretty good little report sheet that I use for each & every patient.  If anyone wants a copy, just email me.  It's a word document. 

I'm gonna go take a nap since I'll be up all night.  Hope everyone is having a good weekend!!!


am4039 said...

Happy you got a few things done then back to work. You do sound very organized at work. I wouldn't want to stay after either.

beachbumrn07 said...

I love this site!! I will graduate in April 07 but I have followed your blog since I began school.  It's nice to see a real world view on someone new to the nursing world.