Thursday, January 18, 2007

2 Year Anniversary

Wow...yesterday was my 2 yr anniversary of being a nurse.  For some reason I thought it was today, but nope, it was yesterday.  Thanks to this journal, I was able to look back & see.  :)

To answer the question left in my comments...I work in PCU aka Progressive Care Unit.  It could be considered a step-down unit from ICU, but it's more for the type of patient that is considered in "guarded" condition.  If they become critical, then we transfer to ICU as well we get a lot of ICU transfers.  We do handle a lot of drips on our floor - Cardizem, Heparin, Dopamine, Dobutamine - although we don't titrate.  The doctor leaves parameters &/or I use my nursing judgement.  Common sense tells me that if the doctor doesn't use parameters on a Cardizem drip & the heart rate drops below 60, then it's time to turn that drip off.  The doctor eventually gets informed, but I'm not waiting for his return call in order to make that judgement. 

And seems like the incontinent patients are the ones with the orders for Kayexalate or my other favorite...GoLytely - which the name has to be a joke because that's the last thing a person does that drinks that...goes lightly...HA!  :)

Time to go celebrate my anniversary.  Woo hoo!!!



molly146012 said...

Happy 2 year Anniversary! :) Love your journal... you are a very sweet & caring Nurse....Have a nice week. look forward to your next post. Molly

tendernoggle said...

OMG! HAS IT BEEN TWO YEARS ALREADY???? LORD HAVE MERCY! Well, let me tell are one hell of a good nurse and I love reading your journal!!!
love ya,