Tuesday, June 26, 2007

School is in Session

I worked 3 nights in a row last week. My first night/shift was busy - as it usually is at the start of a new week. I was doing a juggling act with two patients who both had electrolyte problems. Luckily, they were both on the electrolyte protocol, but even with replacement - the rechecked results would be lower than before I gave the replacement. That never made sense to me, but anyways, I spent most of the night dealing with that kind of stuff.

I had another patient that seemed to be losing the will to live. I don't know what he's normally like, but he was acting a little bizarre. It got worse the next day and the family and doctor decided it was time for Hospice. I'm not exactly sure why, I never had the time to really look back in his chart to see what brought them to that final conclusion. The patient seemed to know - he was requesting the chaplain to visit so he could make things right with the Lord. I often wonder if some people know when it is their time. It certainly seems that way sometimes.

I started my first class towards my Bachelor's Degree in Nursing yesterday. We meet online for a 1 hr chat on Tuesday mornings. Silly me thought I needed to have all the reading & all the lectures done by the chat today...so I stayed up all night to get it done. Turns out, it wasn't necessary. She gave us a break since the class just started yesterday. Grrr! Now I'm working on a 500 word paper that is due on Friday. I haven't written a paper in years & it is tough getting started. I'm lost. Luckily I was able to find an online program that walks you thru how to write the papers in the style (APA) that needs to be done. Hopefully, that will be a lifesaver. Now I just need to find material on what to write. There are 5 different topics. I need to pick one! Wish me luck. This will be my routine for the next 7 weeks. I'm hoping to get ahead of the game. It's only day 2 & I feel like I'm behind. Especially since I'll be working Thurs thru Sunday night.

I will post pictures of mytrip as soon as I have time. I'm not scheduled next week other than Sunday - so maybe I'll catch up then. Then again, we're so short-staffed, I may volunteer to work. My tailbone is feeling better - still sore when I sit or stand or move around while sitting or lying down, but it is a lot, lot better. I think working & moving around was good for it last week as much as I dreaded it.

Have a good week everyone!!!


tendernoggle said...

I am so glad that your tail bone feels better!!! I know that must be so painful.........:-(
I believe that there comes a time, especially with the terminally ill, as in cancer,etc...that people just know when it is time to let go...My daddy rarely went to church...He was a good man, mind you...a wonderful father and husband ...but he worked two and three jobs all his life...Sundays, he worked part of the day on the side...and then if he had a chance he loved to go to the river to fish...I, being the baby girl thought my daddy walked on water...I still do...
ANYWAY........... he got emphysemia (sp?) and he suffered for a few years..and then the last 6 months of his life (1985) was awful...The day he died...he told me to get the preacher to come to see him that morning...I was him when the preacher lead him through the sinner's prayer and he was saved while lying there in his hospital bed...and I will never forget what he told me as soon as he said "Amen"..He turned and looked at me and said , "I am ready to go home now"...and told me he felt better than he had in years...I thought at that moment that he meant our home...but I now know he meant his Heavenly home...because He died that very night at the hospital.
SO yes, I think some DO know when it is time.
Take care and God bless you,
love ya,

lacaza3 said...

Do you ever get sick of seeing people at there worst? I do...taking care of plastic surgery richey patients is really getting on my nerves lol
Donna In TEXAs