Thursday, January 22, 2009

Another Year Down

Wow, another year has gone by. I've been a nurse now for 4 entire years. This may be the longest I've stayed not only in one field, but with the same company. So much for starting where you don't want to stay. I am still very content with where I co-workers still feel like family. There is so much teamwork that seems to come without any effort.

Like for instance, the other night I got a patient with cellulitis of the lower extremities. From the moment she got into her room, my other 3 co-workers were in there helping...from making her comfortable in bed, to getting vital signs, to not only getting the digital camera to take pictures of the cellulitis, but also cleaning her up since the ER doesn't always seem to make personal cleansing a priority. What would have taken me well over an hour to accomplish, we had it all done within 20 min. Add to that an admitting nurse who had already done the admitting process in the ER....this patient was well on her way to dreamland within 30 min of reaching my floor. I really need to take the time to fill out a share card.

The week started out slow...I went in Sunday night & saw that they had floated me to ICU to be the secretary/PCT. I don't like being a PCT in ICU. The nurses tend to float their work over to you...since you're a nurse too. "Can you give this med? Can you bathe my patient? Can you change their sheets?" I don't feel comfortable in ICU....and the last thing I want to do is move someone around that's on a vent or is unstable. I prefer my little cocoon of PCU work where I am familiar with my surroundings & the majority of the patients are stable. So around 7:30 pm I offered to be sent home. They told me no, that they had to look at who was there & figure it out later. Around 9:30 they gave me the option to leave & I took it. Granted, it probably would have been an easy night...but those nights tend to go by veryyyyy slowly.

The hospital was practically empty when I left....very few PCU patients & really no one in the ER. I figured it would remain that way the rest of the week, so the next day I called in & volunteered to be called off. I was told that wasn't happening. So much for a slow week. PCU was filling up & the ER was packed. It was the same Tues night also.

That's good though...I want it to be busy...I could use the money. I want to pay off my credit cards. Seems endless though. Everything I make goes right back out. Plus they've taken away our overtime bonuses....but made sure to point out that they will still pay us time & a half for if they are doing us a favor. Helloooo, it's the law. And our 3-5% annual raises have been dropped to 1-2% since we have a new Chief Financial Officer. Ugh, I'd like to see him spend one shift on the floor, but that will never happen. I am grateful I still have a job though. I know many people are dealing with situations far worse than my own. So I'll stop complaining.....for a little while anyways.

I'm off now until Sunday night. I need to do some cleaning, but I'm so tired & it's so cold...for Florida. I think it was in the 20's last night. I like it cold, but that's a little too cold for me. I plan to open the windows though...get some cold fresh air in this house. Maybe it will reenergize me. I'll wait until after my shower to do that. :)

Have a good week everyone!!!


Pamela said...

We're having cutbacks in our office too. They say nursing jobs are safe, but Social Workers and Chaplains are threatened. UGH!

Have a good weekend!

Carlene Noggle said...

Has it been four years already??? I remeber how nervous you were at the beginning and how I already knew that you would be a terrific nurse! Stay as caring as you are , ok?
love ya,carlene

Amanda said...

Happy Four Years!!!!! Hope your week went well. I can't believe how chilly it is in Florida. Imagine all the poor people who went there for vacation to warm up?!

Amanda said...

I was reading my friend's blog today and thought of you. you will never believe what an a-hole her doc was!!!