Friday, February 20, 2009

Actress on a Stage

I forgot to add....our new director told us yesterday that we are to be like "actresses".....ready to go on stage with a smile at all times. That we need to sell ourselves to our patients.

So a co-worker & I were discussing this & coming up with questions for our next staff meeting....such as...

1) Now that we are "actresses", what time will the hairdresser & make-up artist be in so that we can prepare professionally for our roles?

2) Where is the wardrobe room?

3) Will our salaries match actresses such as Angelina Jolie?

4) Will we have stunt doubles to insure we are not injured while "on the job?"

5) What time will kraft services be in to provide nourishment?

6) Do we need to get agents?

7) Where is MY dressing room?

Please let me know if I am leaving anything pertinent out!


Julie said...

Just the paparazzi, LOL. Don't you just love new blood telling you how to do what you do every day. Smile

Pamela said...

What a joke! I guess that applies to ALL nurses? So that means I have to go in with a huge smile and say "I think your Mom is actively dying now." Yeah....right!!

Karin, RN said...

Love that list especially number 1. LOL.

mandy said...

You'll need a stylist to find designer scrubs so everyone can ask you who you are wearing!