Saturday, August 15, 2009

What's Up With the Flowers?

I don't know how many of us out there are familiar with the price of flowers.....but I certainly wasn't. I'm not talking about flowers at a flower shop or on Valentine's Day....I'm talking about the cost of flowers at the hospital gift shop.

I have never had the need to buy flowers while at the hospital (thank goodness) fact, I don't think I've ever visited anyone in the hospital outside of my close friends having babies - which did not require flowers, but baby gifts.

Anyways, as me & my friend/co-worker strolled down to the cafeteria to scrounge around & see if there was anything that looked half-way decent to eat before they closed at 11 pm, we walked by where the flowers are on display. Now at my last hospital, I walked by the flower display often as it was right there when you walked into the entrance of the hospital. I never once saw the prices as they were not anywhere to be seen. I guess I imagined they'd be somewhat reasonably priced as they were gifts for someone that was sick enough to be hospitalized.

Boy...was I wrong.

One rose.....ONE ROSE is $15. What??? They did have a deal though....two roses for $25. Huh? In what country is that a deal? Six roses = $50. And we're not talking like the most beautiful roses you've ever seen...just plain, generic roses that I probably would have a hard time paying $5 for.

I then checked out the multi-flower displays...which started at $45 & up. It's absolutely ridiculous. It makes me want to go to our administration & ask "What's up with the flowers?" Seriously...I realize that there is something about flowers that for a lot of people...makes them happy. I see often when walking into a patient's room & there is a gift of makes the room more light, more cheerful. And they scream out "Someone loves me." Why do they have to be so expensive? I feel like starting a "flowers for the sick" campaign.

My week at work was ok. I got the opportunity to go home early on Wed night. I said "Yesssssss" because my shift started out crazyyyyyyyyyy & any chance to get out of that mess was one I would take. I had a new admit at shift change, I had 2 that needed to go to ct scan, I had another whose family had 9308403 questions...even though they were there all day & had plenty of chances to chat with the doctors...they wait until 8 pm to start making requests. I was overwhelmed from being pulled in so many different directions.

I'm normally easy going & not much really bothers me....outside of work. I am great at procrastinating, being unorganized, wasting away of day simply relaxing...doesn't bother me one bit. At's a different story. I want everything done ahead of time, no procrastinating, no disorganization, no relaxing until all of the work is done. I can't stand that I am like that, although it probably is a good thing because I am never there past the time I am supposed to be in order for myself to catch up. If I'm there past can guarantee it's one of two reasons....there is a patient on the unit not doing well & I'm helping our or the day staff is taking their time to get report.

So when I have nights that start off a big mess...I am scrambling to get it all get the patients needs met so they can get to sleep, to get my charting done so the rest of the night can go smoothly. It overwhelms me & at times I feel like I'm in over my head. Not to mention the spectralink phones they make us carry & they call us 90348023042 times throughout the shift interrupting anything we are doing.

I was running around, passing meds, charting....and finally got done at 11:37 pm...I was ready to go. I was elated. As I was walking to the time clock, I heard "Jennifer, we need you to stay." Ughhhhh....nooooooooo. The only good thing about that is that at least all of my work was done & I could have it easy the rest of the shift as long as the patients cooperated. I have learned though...when they say you can leave at better get out of there before they change their mind.

Have a good weekend everyone!


Karin RN, Blogger said...

Hmm, I pick up roses from my yard, and lilies, and sunflower...

Grumpy, M.D. said...

Hospital gift shops, in my experience, tend to gouge prices. After all, most people there will purchase anything out of grief or sympathy, rather then go do comparison shopping across the street/