Sunday, January 17, 2010

A little of this & a little of that

Gosh, I feel like not much is really going on...even at work. It seems like the same old stuff. I still have my orientee. I'm trying to teach her the ropes. It's kinda neat to remember back to being a brand new nurse & all the things I used to be scared of...but now have the confidence & patience to get thru pretty much anything.

We had 2 patients last week that were drug seekers & they would watch that clock or call early for their pain meds. I gave both those patients to her...I didn't know at the time that they were addicts. She was so frustrated by the end of the first shift. I had to keep reminding her to relax, let it go, don't let their neediness wear her down. By the end of the second night, she wanted to refuse to have one of them back. I told her to be careful when it comes time to refusing to have someone back...because you could end up with someone even worse. Besides, these two will teach you patience...which she needs. I sent her home with the homework assignment of learning to meditate & letting frustrations go.

The beginning of our third shift....she was a new person. She had a new attitude. I told her to stand her ground & let them know that she was in charge....but in a nice way. I had already demonstrated that morning of how to handle them when they are asking for pain meds early & saying "the other nurses get it for me early." I told her you can be honest, but be kind are their advocate. I think she learned a good lesson...hopefully.

I've been trying to teach her to ask other people for help...that I am not always going to be around to help & she needs to turn to others. So far that hasn't gone too well. She had a patient whose 02 sat was something like 62%. Normal is better than 92%. I was in a room with one of my patients & she could not find me. So what does she do when someone asks her if she needs help...she sends them looking for me. Wrong answer! Turns out the patient's oxygen tubing had gotten pulled out of the wall & had to be hooked back up. That's it. We're going to have to work on her trusting other people, just in case I am not available.

I remember those days though. My preceptor would often leave the floor to smoke & that seemed like when everything would go wrong. Live & learn.

I had my niece for a couple of days. We went to see The Lovely Bones yesterday. I tried reading the book, but I absolutely hated the storyline. So depressing. The movie was just as depressing. It was well done, but just reminded me of how many creeps we have in this world preying on children. My next book to attempt reading is Dear John. The movie comes out soon, but I will make myself read the book first & finish it.

Some good news...looks like I'll be going on a cruise sometime in March. My friend/co-worker & I are both born in March & want to celebrate by taking a cruise. We're just waiting on her to get her passport from Canada, then we'll book it. I cannot wait. The plan is to head towards Mexico. I just want to be on the ship, I don't even care about the ports.

Have a good week everyone!

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Amanda said...

Yay for your cruise!!! I thought the book Lovely Bones was ok, but depressing. Just started Dear John~ Make sure you post what you think of it :)