Monday, August 2, 2010

Commit me now!

Yes, that's right...commit me now. Dare I say it...I am actually looking forward to going back to work later tonight! What is wrong with me??? Lol...seriously, this is so not me. Usually I am the one counting the days down until I am off again (which I am already doing for this week). I've been on vacation for nearly 2 weeks & it feels like it's been 6 months. You don't really need to commit me...because around 10:30 earlier tonight, my hospital called asking if I wanted to work 11 to 7 and me being the reliable person I am...didn't answer the phone. :)

Everyone else is doing them, so I will too...bullet time!

**Why is it that when I go to a restaurant & they ask what I would like to drink & I say "Dr. Pepper"....I get a reply of "We don't have Dr. Pepper, but we do have root beer." Ummm, I don't know about the rest of you...but in my experience, root beer isn't anything like Dr. Pepper.

**I just got done eating some pumpkin seeds & every time I do this, afterwards I am left wondering why I even bothered. They are too salty, too much work goes into getting them out of the shell & in the back of my mind...I see a future diagnosis of diverticulosis because I don't always get all of the shell off & end up eating it. Sigh.

**I am way more easy-going than I ever thought possible. My niece & I played this brain-wave game at Wonder Works...where it somehow measured the stress in your mind & would show it on a screen measured thru your brain wave activity. We watched people ahead of us & their activity was all over the place. Then we sat down & practically nothing. Like the lowest line possible on the monitor showed up for both of us. We thought maybe it wasn't working right, but they brought some other people in & was all over the place again. So either we are both very easy-going or we're brain-dead. Hey...maybe both!

**I am anticipating the next time I can plan a vacation strictly for the chance to bid on priceline

**I saw the movie Salt tonight - was way better than I expected, however I had no expectations at figure that one out!

**I stayed up until 6 am yesterday rearranging & reorganizing room...because I can!!! (and just maybe it needed to be done)

**I watched a new show called Last Chance Highway...and started crying profusely...tears of happiness. It's an 8 episode show about a lady that goes to dog pounds & saves dogs. It shows how she picks them out, how she takes them into her home & how she gets them adopted. The crying began when the saved dogs met their future families. What can I say...I have a weak spot for doggies. Google it if interested.

**I had a lady come up to me in a parking lot asking for money. Hmmm...that sounds like she was robbing me...she definitely wasn't doing that. She was just asking for a handout. I felt bad, but at the same time I just wondered how legit she was. I've got no problem donating to shelters or causes or co-workers, etc....but I don't like strangers approaching me in parking lots.

**My last entry will be a reminder to those in the dating pool.....DO NOT get drunk on a first date & gross out the people sitting at the next table over. I took my niece & nephew to Applebee's for dinner after the movie. We had the pleasure of sitting next to this scary looking couple of characters on their first date. I swear they had 6 drinks each & had yet to order dinner. He was really loud, but suddenly it went quiet so I made the mistake of glancing their way only to find them making out at the table. Uhhh....gross!!!!! I'm trying to eat here. Needless to say, we skipped dessert & got out of there as quickly as possible.

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Amanda said...

Bullets rock! I get in that mode where I almost start to miss work too. It is kinda nice to be at work and have a vacation to look forward to! And thanks for the congrats :)