Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You Got to Know When to Hold Em...

Know when to fold them, know when to walk away, know when to run......from patient's who are under a Marchmen Act. That song was running through my head last Wednesday night when I was just starting to take report, they handed me a piece of paper with a few details scribbled on it & said "your new admit is on their way up." Uhhh, say what???

Next thing I know, the charge nurse is taking all "dangerous objects" out of the room...like the plastic bags for the garbage & laundry, the blood pressure cuff & 02 sat from the dynamap on the wall, etc. Ummm....he's not suicidal, he's just an alcoholic who the cops brought in because he passed out at a bus stop. She seemed to think it was the same as a Baker Act...which is a person that is a danger to themselves &/or others. Basically a person who was trying to commit suicide.....whether they were really trying or just doing it for attention, we don't exactly know - but all dangerous objects have to leave the room. A Marchmen Act is just someone that is intoxicated & this act is put into place so that they are not allowed to walk out AMA...which most alcoholics would do if given the opportunity.

Anyways, luckily he's asleep (AKA knocked out with Ativan) when he arrives at the floor. The charge now wants me to put paper scrubs on him instead of the hospital gown. Again, this is ridiculous. He is not suicidal. And why can't we just get paper gowns instead of pants & a shirt? Have you ever tried to put a shirt & pants on someone that could get aggravated? Me either, because I wasn't about to start moving him all around in an attempt to put paper clothes on. I told the sitter let's just let him sleep & when he wakes up later, we'll attempt it then.

I took care of my other two patients as quickly as possible, because I just had a feeling this one would be some trouble when he woke up. It was then that I had the bright idea to volunteer to go home at 11, if they needed someone to go home. Best idea I've ever had. And luckily they did indeed need someone to go. He woke up around 10:30 asking for some food & then told me he'd be leaving after he ate. Ummm, no, you can't leave tonight. He wasn't agitated, but I could see that it could go that way. I got him some food, gave report & got out of there as quickly as possible. I just have a hard time dealing with someone that does not want to be at the hospital.

Not because I have a problem with the patient, but because I think they have the right to decide if they want to stay or not. We aren't a prison, we aren't a psych hospital....we are a regular hospital. If he wants help, he knows where to go. Why the cops just didn't take them to their station & let him sleep it off, I don't really know. Maybe they were overcrowded. Still though, it doesn't require a hospital stay to sober up. Meanwhile, we drug them up with Ativan so they are asleep most of the time until they are discharged. That is not a reason to be admitted.

I came home that night, picked up one of my best friend's & we headed to Denny's. It was a blast!

I started my weekend option Sunday night. I got floated to ICU again. Ahhhh!!!!! But this time it was a piece of cake.

I started walking again too. Now that I'm on the same schedule as one of my co-worker/good friend...we are determined to lose some weight. So every morning we're gonna walk.

I have nothing else planned for the rest of the week & it feels great!

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Amanda said...

Yay for free weeks! I HATE when they tell patients "You can't leave." Umm.. really? Unless there is a 302 in place, they can do whatever the hell they want. Smart move to get out of there!