Sunday, June 12, 2011


Katy Perry concert was ahhhh-mazzzzingggg. She is really good. I guess I'm comparing her a lot to the Gaga concert & well....Katy kicks butt. Only because she doesn't seem to be a freak (except when it comes to marrying one) & it was a concert, not a performance like Gaga. I'm done with concerts now until October....Sugarland. And of course whenever Luke Bryan publishes his concert lineup....ahhhh...patiently waiting... ahhhhh.

Can't really say much about work. I haven't been there since last Tuesday morning. Having 8 days off is sweeeeeeet. I feel least as far as work goes. I know I was close to feeling burnt out & angry with things I don't need to be concerned about. So to be able to take a step back &'s been nice. I'm glad my unit gives me that flexibility. I'm going to continue to do this light schedule at least until October. Cause I have a cruise in September & nothing's getting in my way of that!

We celebrated my parent's 51st wedding anniversary last night at the best steak & lobster restaurant in Orlando. A good time was had by all. I ordered a margarita & I swear they showed up with a fish bowl size glass. Whoa! As my facebook status reads....3 giant margaritas later...mmmm hmmm. I was feeling no pain. And I had lobster tail...from Australia. It is the best. They are gigantic. Yummm! I've been recuperating today. Hoping for some good weather tomorrow & Tuesday so I can work on this tan...but it's supposed to rain. So who knows what I'll be doing. I'm sure I'll find something. :)

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