Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Flu???

I have been dealing with some type of illness the last 4 days. I had been off for nearly 2 weeks. Took a trip to Atlanta and another trip to Daytona. I was all ready to go back to work last Saturday. Then Friday I was exhausted. Slept a lot. Woke up in the evening with a fever. Ugh...I never get sick!

I started taking Advil. I knew I couldn't call in sick to work. I already called in on time in July and you aren't allowed to call in more than once in a 2 month period without getting in trouble. Stupid rule! So I went in to work Saturday night. Big mistake. As soon as I got there, I could feel my temp starting to rise. I was flushed & tired...and hadn't even done anything yet. Luckily they had enough nurses there so I was able to go right home. Didn't even have to take report or anything. I don't care if I get in trouble for calling in sick. I am sick & no way can I work nor should I be around other sick people.

So I came temp is normally 97, but now it was 100. I figured it's low-grade...let my body fight whatever infection it is trying to fight without intervening. Another big mistake. Within a couple of hours it was up to 103. Way high for me. So I resumed the Advil, put some ice packs under my arms & in the groin area (since that's what I do for my patients at work) & it took awhile to come down, but eventually it was back to 97 by morning. Weird thing is...I really don't have any other symptoms than a cough. My nose, head & lungs are clear. Stomach is fine, no UTI. My throat is just a tad scratchy but nothing to complain about. Even with the high fever, I felt ok.

So now it's Sunday morning...I called in sick to work. No way was I going in after what I dealt with Saturday night. I retake my temp & it's 96.4. Even better! Till the evening. Back up to 101 with Contac cold medicine & fever reducer. So I start back with Advil & went to sleep. I woke up all sweaty, but too exhausted to do anything & slept some more. Monday morning, my temp is back to 97...yay. Jump in the shower & then back to bed. Took a nap from 1 to 4 & woke up with another temp. Started Advil again.

I don't know what this is & I wish it would just go away. Luckily I don't have to go back to work until Thursday, but I'd like to get back to normal before then. I'm debating about whether to see a doctor or allow them to start me on a broad spectrum antibiotic. I'm all for my body fighting its own battles...but not when I see no results. And did I mention...I never get sick. I don't know anyone that is sick or has heard of being sick. So I don't know what this is.

And on top of has made me all weepy. Like I rented Soul Surfer Saturday night & could not stop crying. You would have thought that was my kid in the movie. Then Sunday night I watched this special on Amazing Animal videos...omg, a polar bear was attacking a woman & I got all emotional. And they showed that Christian the Lion clip at the very end. Forget about it....cry me a river. I've seen that video 93040932 times...but it gets me every time. And this morning...someone on FB posted a pic of one of the fallen Navy Seals funeral & his dog lying by his casket. Niagara falls for me...could not stop crying. It's just a picture!

Hope everyone is having a better week than I am!!