Monday, November 28, 2011

Wow, feels like ages

Wow, feels like ages since I posted, but it's only been what...3 or 4 days? There isn't much to post regarding work....except for the fact that I hate those surveys the government requires when someone goes home. Because our administration gets the results & then tries to make us believe we are the worst hospital in the world...which I know is not true. They are so confusing too. One minute they are telling us that we are in the top 15 percentile of all hospitals in the nation and the next minute we are in the lowest 1 percentile. How is that possible? I've given up trying to figure out their strategies to motivate us & I will continue to do what I do....just be me & treat my patients as though they were a close family member. That's all I can do....really. I refuse to get caught up in that stress trap that keeps popping up.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. I can't believe how quickly it goes by. The only thing I bought this weekend was a new dryer...cause mine stopped working on Saturday. So that was my present to myself...lovely. It's amazing an appliance can somehow make you a little happier. Maybe it's the newness of it or just out with the old. I want to wash things just so I can see how fast this thing can dry them. Silly, I know. Don't try to understand me.

I ventured out today & saw Breaking Dawn. Sigh. I'm sorry....but I felt like it was so lame. I guess my imagination is better than what they are producing in the movies. I try to like Edward, I really do....but it is impossible. He is too wussy for me. Anyways...I have totally forgotten what was written in the 4th novel & plan to reread it sometime between now & next November....when the final Twilight movie is released. Because I totally forgot what happens next & want to know.

I watched in horror as my Florida Gators lost yet another game...this time to FSU....ugh. Can't get worse than that in football.

My back is about 90% better. I am not even on Advil anymore & it feels pretty darn good. The ears are better too. I finally was able to unblock the left side. Every now & then it clogs back up, but it doesn't stay that way. The new thing now though is if I put my head back or when I lay down...everything starts spinning. Personally I enjoy it. It is sort of like being on a rollercoaster or a ride that makes you dizzy. I'm not too concerned about it as it only lasts maybe 10 seconds. I figure it has something to do with my ears & that as soon as that problem resolves, hopefully the dizziness will too.

That's been my exciting weekend. I go back to work Tuesday night. Maybe I'll have a story or two to tell. :)

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