Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thank You!

Just wanted to thank my fellow blogger nurses for your kind words & understanding. While I'm glad to see that my emotions/reactions are appropriate, it also saddens me that others are in the same frustrated positions. I wish the public could understand all the pressures a nurse is under instead of assuming we hardly do anything but talk & play on the computer. Your support helps me tremendously!

I got a call from my old hospital yesterday....yessssss! Although I'm not convinced that this is going to be an amazing transition, any change right now would be helpful. One of my friends from nursing school is ready to quit the old hospital cause she's sick of management. She won't give me specifics though. I would just be grateful to have some help from patient care techs. I have to call the recruiter back this morning & hopefully set up an interview for next week.

I just realized that I self-scheduled myself to work the next 5 out of 7 days...ugh. Oh well...I have a day off inbetween on Sunday & Tuesday. I'll get thru it. I'm in a better state of mind...after having the last 9 days off. :)

I turned 43 yesterday. It was an easy, relaxing day......dinner at Red Lobster. Time with my family. Much better than last year when I was worried about my niece being around her mother's loser bf.

So once again....thank know who you are. :)

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hoodnurse said...

Frankly, I'm just impressed by your years in nursing to meltdown ration. My track record is not as good.
Sounds like both of your options are kind of rough, but such is working in the hospital setting, I suppose. Have you given any more though to travel nursing?