Sunday, April 2, 2006

Victory's been a good week.  This post is pretty much non-nursing related because I haven't been back to work since my last post.  I am scheduled for Tuesday.  Did I mention I love the flexibility of my job? 

It's been a good week because my nephew's baseball team won 3 games this week.  Their record is 18 wins & 1 loss.  There are 6 games left in the regular season.  The pro scouts are everywhere.  It's pretty neat seeing them around.  My nephew is hoping he gets drafted.  I believe the draft is June we'll see if he gets an offer.  The catcher on his team is definitely going to be drafted in the first round.  I'm interested in seeing what type of signing bonus he'll be offered.  I should start getting his autograph now, huh?  :)

On top of all those victories....Tony Stewart won the Nascar race today.  Yay!  And Jr. came in 4th...pretty darn good.

I'll write more later in the week.  Take care all!

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