Monday, June 19, 2006

Back at home

I came home last night...still not feeling really good about being here, but figured I had to return sometime.  My mom & I cleaned my house on Saturday and saw that there was no real signs of any activity which made me feel better.  I just wonder when I will feel comfortable being in my own home without fear of hearing or seeing a critter.  How am I supposed to have a date over without explaining why I have a rat trap in the bathroom???  Lol.  Or why there is a towel under my door when I go to sleep at night. romantic of a story is that?   Guess the lovelife will have to be put on hold if that's a problem...haha.

Anyways, to sum it up, we did catch 2 critters with the traps.  Hopefully it's the 2 that I saw & that there are no more.  I still have the traps out & some in the attic.  I did not go with the ripoff professional company...I didn't like his scare tactics, the price or the small print...that they would only spend 2 weeks working on getting rid of the critters for that price.  If more time was needed, more money would be needed also.  Forget that. 

It really made me think more about travel nursing.  How nice it would be to simply live in an apartment without all of the day to day upkeep of a house.  I say this as I look outside & notice that my lawn really needs to be cut, weeds to be pulled, etc.  I am so not an outdoor person.  Although even if I traveled, I wouldn't sell my house, so I suppose that really doesn't help.  But it's fun to dream.  :)

Ok, I need to call in to work to be added to the schedule tonight.  I'm hoping to work 3 or 4 nights this week...partly because I could use the money & partly so I don't have to be home in the nighttime hours.  Yeah, I'm still a  Later!



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am4039 said...

I'm chicken too, I'm happy that at least two and hopefully that's all of those critters were caught.