Wednesday, June 7, 2006


I've got so much to write, but not enough time to do it (story of my life).  I'm working my 4th shift tonight, so hopefully I'll be able to catch up on here tomorrow.

First of all, the concert was GREATTTTTTTTTTTT!  Tell ya more about it later!

Now the WOW nephew got drafted today by the Atlanta Braves!!!!!!!!!!  WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I've got to get to more details later!



tendernoggle said...

Glad the concert was good, but then again I knew it would be!!!:-)
I am so happy for your nephew!!! I am A HUGE ATLANTA BRAVES FAN and can't wait to see your nephew on the team!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!  Atlanat is only 60 miles from my home. If you go to my journal, you will see a picture of my husband (late..HE DIED ON JAN. 29, 2006) and I at a Braves game in Atlanta!!! We had so much fun that day.
God bless!

am4039 said...

wow about your nephew.