Monday, April 23, 2007

New Doctor for Me

I got up early today...7 am. I'm sure I'll regret it tonight as I am working all night & didn't take a nap. Ahhh, such is the life of a night nurse. The reason I got up early was to see my doctor for a physical exam and to get some lab work done as well as I needed him to sign some documents for my bachelor's degree (immunizations & physical). I also had him sign a document that I need for travel nursing. This was the first time I ever went to see this doctor as my usual doctor isn't on the insurance plan that my hospital offers. That's ok, because after seeing how she treats the hospital staff and phone calls, I really don't want her as a doctor any longer. She's just awful...yelling, hanging up, talking down to them...not to mention I had one of her patient's on Friday night. The lady had an extremely high blood sugar...559. All we did was treat it with 10 units of Regular insulin & no rechecks. Not to mention the patient was in with respiratory problems and seemed to be getting worse rather than better during her hospital stay, but my doctor wouldn't consult for a pulmonologist for the patient. I asked not to have that patient on Saturday night because I did not feel safe taking care of her without any support from the doctor. Anyways, the way I picked my new doctor was on how polite he is to the hospital staff, how he treats his patients and not to mention...he used to be the chief of staff. I was impressed with how he was in the office. He spent a good 1/2 hour just talking to me about different things. He is encouraging me to go on to get a Master's Degree & become a nurse practitioner. I cannot see myself doing that. Mostly because I don't want the extra stress & I don't feel...hmm, what's the word...mature enough? I couldn't see myself in that type of role. Who knows, maybe in the future. Right now I'll just work on getting the Bachelor's Degree and travel nursing.

I worked last Friday & Saturday nights. It was my last weekend of working Fridays & Saturdays as the hospital now needs people to work on Sundays. I prefer working Sunday nights as opposed to Friday nights. I do have to have a life, ya know? :)

There's not really much to say about my one really stood out as anything different than the usual. I had a great time Saturday night with the people I worked with. We were laughing so hard we nearly cried. The kind of laughing where you just can't stop. I like moments like those. I almost got to see Kenny Chesney in concert last night...9th row floor tickets! I passed it up because I didn't want to be tired for my doctor's appt this morning. Oh well...maybe next time.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!!

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tendernoggle said...

Hope all the tests, etc came out ok....Glad you found a good doctor...they are hard to find and if you do not work in the medical fioeld you really don't know wat you are dealing with!
love ya,