Thursday, April 19, 2007

Off-topic: Virginia Tech

I'm sure by now anyone reading this has heard what happened Monday morning at Virginia Tech.  There are no words that can fully describe the evil that took place.  We are all left wondering "why???"  Now the killer's videos have turned up at NBC & after watching them, I still find myself asking "why???"  I don't think it's anything anyone is ever going to be able to answer logically.  It reminds me that although we may not always understand how or why something terrible happens, but that we need to reach acceptance in order to heal & move forward. 

My thoughts & prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy.


tendernoggle said...

it is so awful...I feel so bad for the familys...hope you have been doing ok...
love ya,

molly146012 said...

Hi! yes, that was so awful... :( I feel for the all affected by this my thoughts and prayers go out too. there are no words to describe this tragedy.
hope you're doing ok and not having to work too hard. love, Molly