Monday, May 7, 2007

Day Two - Suicide Attempt???

I had the same patients I had the night before plus one more...for a total of 5 patients.  When I first got to work, I saw that they had switched my assignment around and given my easier patients to other nurses & gave me two total care patients.  I wasn't ok with that - it's part of the reason I like to work nights in a that I'm already familiar with the patients I have.  So I switched it back.  :)  It's not just good for me, but I think it's also good for the patients to have a familiar face rather than a new one every day & every night. 

It was a pretty good night...not much really happened.  I had the 23 yr old suicide attempt patient again.  The drug rehab didn't have a bed available, so he's still at my hospital.  I tried to go into his room with a good attitude, but it still felt awkward to take care of him.  Carlene - I think you're right about the weird karma.  Something is really off.  He woke up around 1 am asking for something to help him sleep.  I told him I didn't have any sleeping pills ordered for him, not to mention he slept most of the time I was there.  About 10 minutes later, he seemed a little agitated.  He was saying he couldn't breathe thru his nose.  I asked "Is it stuffed up?"  He said "no, I just can't breathe thru it."  I have never heard of anything like that so I pulled another nurse into the room to assess him & give me their opinion.  As the other nurse was there, the patient then started saying it felt like his throat was swelling up and his jaw was locking up and he couldn't talk....except he was talking.  It was bizarre.  So I put some oxygen on him and got my clinical leader because I have never heard of anything like this happening just from laying in bed sleeping. 

She assessed him as well as the respiratory therapist - he was fine.  We all got the impression he was faking it or maybe he was starting to go thru withdrawal from drugs &/or alcohol.  His blood pressure, heart rate & rhythm and 02 saturation rate were great.  So I gave him some Haldol & back to sleep he went.  I did check on him a little later & he was feeling better.  I'm hoping he's discharged by the time I go back tonight.  Two of my other patients are being transferred to another hospital - so it will be like starting over tonight.  Hopefully it will be a good night.


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tendernoggle said...

Look, I hope that guy is out of there when you go back...I am feeling bad vibes here...It seems he may be wanting drugs more than anything...I hope you will be very careful when you go into that room...if he is still there.
You tickled me when you said you switched your schedule back!!! I would have done the same thing! lol :0
Take care and God bless,
love ya,