Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ahhh...the agony!

It all started with a minor pain that was alleviated with Advil...until Friday early morning.  The pain was a toothache that was progressively getting worse.  So at 5:30 am I called my dentist office & got his answering machine.  No emergency contact number...just a machine.  I tell myself that's ok...they usually call back in a timely manner even though I know they are closed on Fridays. 

Come 9 am, the pain is much worse - I'm on the verge of tears.  I have no antibiotics or pain relievers - what kind of nurse am I???  Lol.  I keep calling my dentist & keep getting the dumb machine.  By 10:30, I couldn't take it anymore - I called another dentist.  I didn't want to because I really don't like dentists - I hate the office, I hate the sounds & I really just don't like dentists.  Except my own - I've been going to his office for 17 years now (wow, time flies) & he's like a dad to me.  So kind & gentle-hearted. 

But I had to find some I go to the new dentist office & have to wait an hour.  I told myself that's ok, soon this pain will be over.  They take x-rays & the dentist comes over & says "You need a root canal, it's the weekend, so how does Tuesday sound?"  He was a creep!  I said I would prefer my own dentist to do the procedure.  The creep replies back with attitude..."It's a free country" & walks off.  At least I did get a prescription for antibiotics and a pain reliever...although Lortabs are like one step up from Advil - enough to take the edge off, but they don't get rid of pain.  He never said another word to me.  Jerk! 

I got the prescription filled & went home to find that my dentist office called 3 times & since they weren't able to reach me...they called in prescriptions for antibiotics & pain relief at the grocery store nearest to my house.  Oh thank you!  My dentist always provides Tylenol with codeine - that takes the pain away as well as provides one with sleep.  So I went to get that filled also - figure it's better to have this stuff on hand & at the grocerystore I went to (Publix)...antibiotics are free...good deal!

I came home & took the medication & tried to get some sleep.  I was shivering, sweating, nauseous all day, but eventually I felt better.  Today is a much better day as the antibiotics are kicking in & the pain is going away.  Whew! 

The bad news...a root canal.  Ugh, I swear my dentist gets all my overtime money this year.  So much for rebuilding my savings account.  I'll just have to work even more...sigh. 

I hope everyone else is having a better weekend than I am!


molly146012 said...

awwwwwwwwww poor thing hope you feel better soon rest up. How's the pup? Molly.  :)

tendernoggle said...

Oh my .......nothing much worse than a toothache or an earache!
I hope you get it fixed as soon as you can...Thank goodness for your dentist...the other one had problems with his EGO didn't he??? :-(
Take care,
love ya,