Thursday, August 16, 2007

Short Week


It has been a strange week at work.  First off - we are full.  Usually the summer months are our slow months, but we are full...the entire hospital.  ICU was the busy unit this week - lots of unstable patients.  One came in walking & talking and within a couple of hours - coded & died.  She was only 53 years old.  Another one recently had open heart surgery at another hospital.  Came to our hospital with symptoms of a stroke - sure enough it was & within hours she was non-responsive & on the verge of death.  It's scary to see how quickly things can change - so unpredictable. 

I only worked on Monday & Tuesday nights - that was enough.  We get patients from this certain skilled nursing facility where they are spoiled beyond belief.  I had one a few weeks ago that wanted me to scratch his butt...ummm, never will I be doing that for a patient - especially one that has 2 hands that work just fine!!!!!  Another nurse got a patient from that place & this patient was in a room near where I was sitting.  Literally every 5 minutes it was "Nurseeeeee, I need this.  Nurseeeee, I need that."  Non-stop the entire day & night. She would doze off & wake up demanding more things.  I went in to help the nurse move her up in bed & sure enough - I heard her asking for a butt massage.  Ummmm....neverrrrrrrrr.  This is health care...not a massage therapy center.  She wanted some wave/water bed type bed because she wasn't comfortable.  I don't even know what she was talking about.  All she did was complain non-stop too - even after you bend over backwards to meet her needs.  I stopped responding to her calling out.  It was all just needy stuff - not necessary stuff.  She woke up about 1 am demanding apple sauce.  I felt like asking - what would you do if you were at home?  No one would be getting up & getting you apple sauce at 1 am.  It's time for bed!  This wasn't even my patient & she was on my 

Of course my patients were on my nerves too.  Just silly little demands...repeatedly.  I had one patient that kept lifting up his gown & showing all he had.  Do I really need to see that every time I go in the room?  He was totally alert & oriented too.  I think he just enjoyed flashing whoever was around.  I finally told him that he had to stay covered up, that people walk by his door & don't need to see that.  His reply "They can look the other way." Ummm, no buddy, that's not how it works.  Finally I just shut his door.  What is wrong with some people??? 

I had another one that was obsessed with constipation.  I gave him dulcolax and lactulose.  He complained the entire night that they wouldn't work and how he takes 9023840 things at home to make him go.  Well, that's why - his body got used to needing those medciations in order to have a bowel movement.  He was mad that we weren't giving him all of those things.  Some people get too obsessed with this.  Within a few hours, he went plenty...but the next night I had to hear it all again.  Sigh!!!

I got a new admit on Tuesday night.  A 38 yr old with chest pain.  I actually felt bad for him because he had no insurance and a newborn baby at home.  I kept thinking about how high his hospital bills must be.  I do like the younger patients though - they are much more self-sufficient and grateful. 

My puppy is growing.  Her ears are trying to stand's cute.  My class is over with - I had a 96 A.  It's nice to be free again without any papers to write. 

I think I'm going to go watch a movie!  Bye all!


tendernoggle said...

Oh your little pup s so cute!!!! He reminds me of Odie on Garfield!!!! I love him!!!
Hope your work week gets better! And I am proud of you getting an A! YAY!!!! :-)
love ya,

ceejaec1 said...

Good job on that A, girlfriend!!  Way to go!!!

And boy can I relate to your needy patients!  I've had one for over a week who is on strict bedrest and is on the call light every 10 minutes!!  It drives me NUTS!!  She wants cereal, but not in the bowl it comes packaged in.  She wants a "real" bowl.  And she wants her Foley emptied the second it has any urine in it.  Her pillows need to be fluffled, or she needs her TED hose and SCD put on.  THEN STOP TAKING THEM OFF!!  Geez!  Don't they just make you want to scream??

Shay is adorable!!!