Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Update


The storm is gone, but the damage is not. My house made it through just fine - there are some minor roof leaks, but I know the roof needs to be replaced soon. What isn't fine is all the flooding locally. I've lived in Florida for 28 years and have never seen the St. John's River overflowing like it is. It's usually way low in fact. It's kind of scary to think of what could happen if "all" that water comes pouring out.

My hospital is continuing to look like an island. There is nowhere to drain the water because the river is obviously at full capacity. I'm not kidding when I say in some parts of the property, the water is up as high as a stop sign. I've enclosed a picture so you can see just how bad it is. Look at how high the water is on the guy that is simply standing in the hospital parking lot.

I worked Sunday & Monday nights...it was pretty easy - went by so slow though. I was supposed to work tonight, but they were cancelling people due to overstaffing. I volunteered to be off as I did not get much sleep today. I keep wondering what all this water sitting around the hospital can do. I mean...can a sinkhole start because of it? Can the building collapse? It scares me because I know to some degree - anything is possible & nobody knows for sure.

It's 9 pm and I'm heading to bed. I need sleep....obviously.


dbp2000 said...

I am out scouting for new (to me) and interesting journals.  I am glad I found yours.  I love reading stories about things that happen in the medical field.  Keep it up! I'll be back.

Dust Bunny Protector

tendernoggle said...

My goodness....how in the world to get to your station in the hospital???
love ya,