Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sad Day

It's a sad day for a few reasons...

1) I have to work tonight

2) I started lifting weights on Monday & right now my arms are sooo sore

3) The election & life as we know it - I only hope our taxes don't go up & our freedoms aren't taken away

p.s. Katie - hang in there & thanks for leaving a comment. I don't know why some of the more experienced nurses can be so uppity rather than helpful. I've run into a few. I think they are just insecure. What I don't understand is when I hear the day nurses complain that they have students today - I think "What is wrong with you??? The more the merrier." Then again, I guess I'm thinking more about the patient & their satisfaction than I am of myself. Most patients love having someone at their beck & call and students are so eager to be there......that sounds like paradise to me. Oh well, anyways...hang in're a great nurse!


Teresa said...

ouch on the arms :( and 40 is NOT old, I'm 48 and I feel ancient LOLOL I hope that work is easier for you this week, Blessings* teresa

Amanda said...

Just think how nice your arms will look! BTW, Students= HELL. If you are nice and try to teach them things, it takes five times as long to do everything. And they are constantly running up to you and telling you "important" things. Like "The patient just urinated! What do you want me to do with it" while waving a urinal in my face. And then when they leave, the patients expect that I will rub their feet and sit in their room for hours. not good.

Jen said...

Haha Amanda - that is true, I notice they do seem to update the nurse on every detail, but still, I'll take them any night of the week.

What is this I hear? You don't give your patients daily foot rubs and sit in their room for hours? What kind of a nurse are you??? Haha!