Friday, October 23, 2009

How Awesome is This?

I am a superuser. What does that mean? I'm not exactly sure at this point, but I have been appointed superuser along with 3 charge nurses. I feel honored as I'm the only floor nurse chosen. Again though, I'm not sure exactly what my duties are. Hopefully one day they'll explain it to

What is awesome though....doctors putting in their own orders!!! No more written orders. Nope, if they want blood work done in the AM, they will be entering the orders on the computer themselves. And if they mess up, well...then it's all on them. No more blaming the secretaries or nurses for their mistakes. Is this not awesome?

The downside to that is no more guessing games as to what is written. That can be fun as some doctors can not write...they scribble. Even their name....half the time we can't figure out who the doctor is that even ordered stuff. So we pass the chart around from nurse to nurse with "Can you guess who this doctor is? Can you guess what they wrote?" It's like a medical version of Jeopardy. I will miss that.

It's starting in the ER right now. I guess they figure if the ER doctors can do it, then any doctor can do it. I absolutely cannot wait. The redlining of charts will be virtually nil, except for telephone orders. I am loving this! Whoever came up with this idea....I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Amanda said...

Hey fellow superuser!!! At my hospital, it means that you get a more intensive training class on the system. Then you can help your less savy co-workers :)

newnurseinthehood said...

Oh hell yeah. I am so jealous. I swear one of our admitting doctors starts writing words and then rearranges the letters at the end.
Um, yes, this patient is being admitted with..pancreasquids? What?