Friday, October 2, 2009

I Will Survive

I could kick myself right now because 2 weeks ago I said to my friend/co-worker..."I never get sick." Then I go on vacation for a week & have been sick ever since. Ahhhhhhhhhhh....why can't karma work this fast in other situations?

I was feeling achy on Sunday...thinking it was my sunburn. Tuesday I had a sore throat, head congestion, was hot...but no fever. I called in sick to work. I didn't want to as I haven't been there very long, but there is no way I could have taken care of anyone besides myself that night & even that was rough. I sucked it up & went in Wed. night & lucked out that we were overstaffed & I could leave at 11 without any penalty against me. I thought I was better last night...went into work & before I knew it...I was in the middle of a non-stop coughing fit which led to my eyes getting all watery & my body was sweaty yet clammy & the headache began. It just goes on & on. We weren't overstaffed, so if I wanted to leave - it was basically like calling in sick - even though I was at work.

I hope I don't get in trouble for it. I mean I'm really sick. Oh well, whatever is meant to be will happen.

I just want to get rid of this sickness. I don't even have any reason to go to the doctor.....I have a cough, but no temp & anything coming out of my nose is a clear color. So I doubt antibiotics are necessary. I'm off until Monday night & praying this is all gone by then. Meanwhile I'm contemplating buying stock in Nyquil.

My patients this week were pretty simple...which made me regret going home. I think a couple of them wanted to take care of me. And last night was like one of my most embarrassing moments ever....a family member called me on the phone to ask about his mom. During our conversation, my throat got very dry & I was coughing & barely breathing. He's saying "It sounds like you need to be in the hospital." Yet, he keeps asking questions. And not normal questions like "how is my mom doing?" No...he asks me how long does it take for someone that retains long does it take for the extra CO2 to get out of her bloodstream? Huh??? I was nearly ready to pass out with his endless questions & my lack of oxygen. I couldn't even say throat was that dry. It was so awkward.

Meanwhile I'm coughing so hard that I expect blood or one of my lungs to appear at any moment & one of my co-workers says "It sounds like you need some water." And she just keeps going about her business. This same co-worker asks me later "Why are you going home?" Are you serious? As if non-stop coughing & an inability to breathe is my norm. Another co-worker says "I think you have a pre-existing condition." What????? Who are these people? I'm sick!

And I don't get it....I'm sick, my nose is stuffed up, I'm coughing non-stop & yet when they need a witness for their insulin - they hand me their toughbooks to put in my information. I am touching their computers with the hands that I have been coughing into & they don't care. If it had been the opposite, I would have been sanitizing my computer immediately or finding someone that wasn't so ill that they had to go home. But that's just me.

Another thing...I may be 40 yrs old, but I am half-tempted to drive out to my parents house so that they can take care of me. Yeah, I'm that sick. However, they are 45 min away & I am more comfortable in my own home & I don't want them catching instead they drove to me & went to the grocery store to get me some survival items. I love you, Mom & Dad!!! They are the best.

I am heading back to bed & hoping/praying/dreaming that I am back to normal health by the am.


ICU Nurse, said...

So sorry for feeling sick. Water, rest, and TLC that are made possible by your parents just suit you.

LivingDeadNurse said...

sounds like you have the flu..yuck hope you start feeling better right away