Monday, November 23, 2009

Moved Back...Yay!

I had another 5 days in a row off. It has been nice...relaxing...enjoyable. Goes by way too quickly though.

We got to finally move back to our regular floor last Tuesday. It is being home again. I had a patient that I had the previous week. Turns out she has Guillian-Barre disease & NO, she has not had any recent flu shots. She's a woman in her mid-80's that exercises every day & now she can barely move her legs. I feel so bad for her. No matter what we did, she could not get comfortable & she couldn't move herself. The disease is moving progressively fast for her. It makes me sad. To be of sound mind, but your body is failing your control. Not fair.

Not much really stands out from last week. Guess that's a good thing. I did find the time to go see New Moon on Saturday. I was expecting crazy crowds. My niece & I got there at 1:15...they had a show at 1:30, it wasn't crowded, no line to get in...perfect. The movie is decent, but I still say the whole storyline is kinda cheesy. At least my niece has come to her senses & is on Team Jacob. :)

Now my niece & I are reading Lovely Bones - since we saw the preview for the movie. Well, my niece is reading it anyways. I'm still muddling my way through True Blood.

Not much else really going on. Gosh, I seem so boring lately. Maybe something exciting will happen at work. I have to work Tues, Wed and Thurs nights this week...which means it will be the first year ever that I've had to work on Thanksgiving. I'm bummed I can't be with my family, but grateful I have all of Christmas off.

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Newbie 4 Life said...

I really enjoyed the Lovely Bones book. Wasn't that a great preview? Made me really want to see the movie! Hopefully it lives up to the expectations.