Friday, November 6, 2009

Refreshed & Excited

We had a staff meeting today. It was good. I like the meetings there....very casual, interactive, funny. It was also refreshing. I guess maybe it's because we don't see our manager very often since we work nights, but she is a breath of fresh air. She seems to understand the hard work we put in & the common sense it takes to be a manager. She fights for us...gets us the equipment we need, listens to us gripe, tries to make things better.

She explained the one hour rounding to us in a way that totally made sense. Rather than it being yet another burden to put on nurses, we could see how it would be beneficial for both the patient and the nurse. Even waking the patient up for labs seemed understandable when she gave an explanation as to why this has been put into effect. We all want our patients to be happy, don't we?

We get to go back to our remodeled floor on Tuesday. Cannot wait!!!


Helene said...

Sounds like you have a wonderful boss!

rn in il said...

Hourly rounding isn't actually that bad. I have no trouble with it. However, we won't wake people up to warn them about labs. (I try to tell them before they go to sleep if I know that the order is written). Unfortunately patients never remember what they want until after I've taken off the isolation gown and walked out of the room. About then is when I'll hear "I need someone to straighten my blankets" or "I think I want something for pain".