Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bon Voyage

Sorry about the continuous slacking. It seems like time is flying by faster than ever & I cannot figure out why. Usually the beginning of the year is slow, but this year it's on fast forward or something.

Work is going fine. I am precepting again for a new grad. It makes me feel good that they chose me out of all the floor nurses to precept a new nurse. It's hard work in the beginning though. So much to explain & at the same time, try to remember what it's like to be brand new. We had a patient that had an order to call if c-diff results were positive. We found out at 1 am that the patient was indeed positive. Well, the MD wrote the it's got to be followed. I told my orientee if the MD that wrote the order is on call, she can speak with would be good practice & an easy call. He was on call, but the answering service patched me right through to him at I spared her from having to talk to him. I think she was glad as I saw the nervousness disappear when I began talking to the MD. He was pleasant & wanted Flagyl started no problems waking him up at 1 am for c-diff results.

I am officially on vacation for 11 days. I leave on a cruise this Saturday...heading to Cozumel, Mexico and the Grand Caymans. I cannot wait......although I have barely started to pack. I just am not motivated. I am already in vacation mode. It's a 5 night an awesome deal...$319 per person for an oceanview room. That was a one day deal, now it is up to $659 per person & the ship is completely sold out. I'm not crazy about having a full ship, but oh well, nothing I can do about it. So much for there being a recession!

Hope everyone is doing well!!!

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Anonymous said...

I must say..after precepting.. you need a vacation..and what a great place to go!
Have fun..