Saturday, March 20, 2010

Very much

I am very much a slacker...look, it's March 20th & I have yet to blog anything this month. Sorry! Plenty is going on...that's for sure.

We started our 3 patients to 1 nurse ratio. It's working out amazingly well...except on the rare occasion when they bump us up to 4 patients & add in some patient care techs. The patients seem to like it also...our call lights have gone from like 100 a shift down to about 10....and we're talking about a floor that holds 45 patients. So that is really good. It's still hard work...doing primary care, but I do think it's better.

I took my niece to see Taylor Swift at the beginning of the month. It was a great concert...way better than I ever thought it would be...minus the 14,000 screaming tweens. I also bought tickets to see Tim McGraw (yet again) in May. This will be the 4th time I've seen him!

I turned 41 back on March 7th. It was not a fun day. I was sick that entire zero energy & major sinus congestion. I really didn't do much celebrating at all. I guess I'll save that for my upcoming cruise. We are at 21 days to go...woo hoo!!

I went to the beach was beautiful out. Need to work on that tan before getting on the ship.

Hope everyone is doing well!!

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