Tuesday, January 18, 2011


It's that time again...already??? I'm starting my 7th year of nursing. Wow! It really does fly by, even though on some of my latest shifts, it seems like it's crawling. Happy Anniversary to me!

It's one of the best decisions I've ever made & even though there are times when it is so hard, I'm glad I followed this path. It has allowed me financial freedom finally as well as job security. The two things I was seeking when I decided to go back to school. I've come a long way since then & happy to report that all is well. Even my ankles are feeling better.

And if that isn't enough, a patient of mine finally wrote to my CEO & praised what a great nurse I am. It's the little things that mean so much, isn't it?

Work has been soooooooo tough lately. Soooo many very sick patients and the acuity is outrageous. Not to mention we are understaffed & admin really doesn't seem to care. I don't get it....they strive how important it is to make sure the patients are happy, yet they shortcut every avenue it takes to make sure the patients are happy. I'm trying to lay low & hoping that this too shall pass. I'd be lying if I didn't think/hope there is some place better out there where common sense does prevail & it's not all about the numbers. I'll always wish for the day that administration actually comes to the floors & spends a few shifts seeing all that we do, but again, I'm probably dreaming. It's better for them not to face reality.

I had a patient the other night who told me he has leukemia and that he wants to die. What do you say to someone who is opening their heart to you that way? He's not a candidate for chemo and he's refusing hospice. He says he wants to stop being a burden to his family, that he sees the worry in their eyes. Heartbreaking.

I had another patient admitted the other morning....who has full blown alzheimer's. So sad, the way she treated her husband. All I could think is that she must have been...at one time...a very kind person to him, for him to take care of her day after day in the condition she's in now.

These aren't the things most people visualize when it comes to their final days, but it is reality.

My weekend option was almost taken away. There are rumors they are going to get rid of it, but so far they are forcing us to not only work the weekends, but to pick up an extra shift every pay period. They rather have us work more than hire additional employees. I hope this is temporary...the not hiring additional employees. My hospital really, really needs more nurses.

I'm gonna go work out & hope my ankles survive. Having dinner later with my nieces...should be fun. Have a good week everyone!


That Girl G said...

Just wanted to say a quick hello. I really love the way you write and how passionate you are about your career (so much so that I went back and read AAAALLLL of your archives :-) ). Keep blogging!

Carlene Noggle said...

Just came over to check on you and see how you've been. I can not believe it has been 7 YEARS!!! CONGRATULATIONS AND HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!
love ya,