Friday, December 21, 2012

Wayyyy Toooo Longggg

Just like that...time flew by again.  I swear this entire year was over in 5 minutes.  Is this what it is like as we get older?  Even on my days off where I do nothing but lay around & watch tv....are over in an instant.  Crazy, just crazy.

I have been working nearly a full time schedule the last few months.  I was hoping to make some extra money, but somehow I have nothing extra & I've been relying way too much on a credit card to pay bills.  I have been debt free for the last 8 yrs & then bam...this year I'm no longer debt free.  I make the same amount of money, yet everything costs more.  It isn't fair.  I blame it on gas & supermarkets.  Because other than a couple of cruises this year, I haven't really done anything.  Barely even stayed at any hotels like I usually do.  Where does the money go???

I'm already working on my New Year's Resolutions.  One...stop biting my nails. out, eat healthier.  Three...stop spending all my money.

I think I just discovered where a large amount of money just went....concert tickets!  I gotta have some fun.  Thing is, I end up buying 4 tickets in the VIP seating & then don't have the heart to make my friends or family pay anything.  I need to stop being so generous.  With that being said...I have a great lineup.  Justin Bieber, Luke Bryan, Pink & Maroon 5 in the next 3 months.  Woo hoo!!!!!!!  Then I'm done with concerts for the year.  Seriously.  Done.

I've been wanting to do the theme park thing, but there's just a few problems.  I hate crowds.  I hate theme parks during hot weather.  I hate how much they now charge to get into these hot, crowded theme parks.   I cannot begin to imagine how much it costs these families that come down for a week & stay at the Disney hotels & hit all the theme parks.   It has to be between $5,000 & $10,000...easily.  How do they do it?  They offer us Florida residents season passes for just a little more than the cost of a one-day ticket.  Once I've been to a park, I don't feel like going again anytime soon.  I haven't even been to Aquatica!  Again, the crowds.  I can't stand them.

Work has been going fine.  I don't let anything get to me.  They tell us we're great, then they tell us we have to do more.  Whatever.  Now they are on our case if the patient even uses their call light at all.  So dumb.  I had a patient last week that was scheduled for a colonoscopy & was drinking the GoLytely prep.  He was using a bedpan that he could put himself on & call me when he was done.  Worked out perfectly.  The next day in our breakroom...there was a piece of paper showing the number of call lights with our (the nurses) name next to it.  My patient had used his call light 13 times....the horror!  So I told my manager the reason behind it cause I'm sure she thought I was slacking.  Her reply "good to know the reason you fell out of meeting your patient's needs."  Huh???  What???  I was doing exactly what he needed...exactly when he needed it.  Did she expect me to spend all night in his room waiting to empty the bedpan?  How creepy would that be if I was the lurking nurse while he was having to deal with constant bowel movements?  Oh well, no biggie....not letting it get to me.

I can't believe it has been 8 years since I graduated nursing school.  It really has gone by so fast.  Have a Merry Christmas everyone!  Say a prayer for the families in Newtown, CT. 


Alyssa Queen said...

Time does go by quickly... when you're not still in nursing school :P. So for me, just the winter and summer breaks go by that fast.
Good luck with your new year's resolutions! I always am super ambitious (I guess like the rest of the world...) in the beginning and then every three months I have renewed furvor, but in between, total slacker. :D
Have a happy holiday season!!

Amanda said...

I miss you!!!!!!