Monday, October 15, 2012

Catching Up

Wowsers...can't believe it has been nearly 3 months since I posted.  Sorry!  I'm still around.  Time to catch up:

**I'm still at the same hospital....over 3 years now.  Time really does fly.  Glad my old hospital was so unorganized in the hiring process, because now they are laying nurses off.  Crazy!  I was pretty upset back in March with my current hospital, but I adopted a new attitude....I'm just not going to let anything from work get to me.  Life is too short & I do not thrive on stress.  So even if I'm having a bad night, when I walk out the door...I leave it all behind at the hospital.  And we have had a crazy year...the hospital has been full & the admin stretch us to take more patients than we should.  But with my new attitude, I survive.  I love my co-workers & my flexible work schedule.  So I shall stay for now.

**I took a cruise back in August.  It was awesome.  I love cruising & the only things on my mind is what to eat & what to drink.  Such a simple life.  

**I went to my 25th high school reunion last month.  I was a little nervous about it because I really didn't hang out with too many people in my class. All my best friends were a year ahead of me.  Regardless, thanks to facebook, I have been in contact with quite a few & it certainly made the reunion more fun.  There was no "who are you?"  They all knew who I was thanks to my charming fb personality.  :)  I had a great time.  Even ran into an old crush & we flirted quite a bit.  Takes me right back to those high school days, except I was too shy & innocent to flirt back then.  So basically I got to act the way I wanted to now with they way I felt back then.  Does that make sense?  It was all in fun.

**The boyfriend...we're still together...sort of.  Our problem is the distance.  He's over 2 hours away which I realize is barely anything, but is not right here by me.  I don't want to move there, he doesn't want to move here.....but we love one another, we get along great, I have never been so open & felt so loved ever before.  That counts for something.  At the same time, I get frustrated that I don't get to see him more often.  I've tried to break up in hope of finding someone more local, but if any of you have tried the dating pool definitely isn't easy & the older I get, the stranger the men get.  So again, I have decided I'm not stressing out over this.  If it is meant to be, somehow something will change & we will be together more often or I'll move on with someone else.  I'm not going to worry about it.

**I'm still debating about whether to go for my Bachelor's in Nursing.  The rumor of Associate's Degrees being phased out & you won't be able to get a job without a Bachelor's Degree is going around.  I have no desire to go into administration or anything else in nursing.  I just want to do bedside nursing & not get caught up in the aggravation that comes with moving to the next level.  Plus I don't want to do anymore school work.  On the other hand, I think one or two classes a semester isn't that is more busy work (papers/projects) than anything else.  I'll think it over some more.


hoodnurse said...

I call bullshit on them phasing out the ADNs. Nurses are already hard enough to come by, anyone who would exclude someone who is competent and experienced based on whether or not they took stats or government is an idiot. Although it is hospital never know. I do think having it looks good on paper- I think having my BSN definitely didn't hurt in the job field, but I don't think it's a must either. It's really whether that little extra boost is worth the hassle to you.

Alyssa Queen said...

I applaud you on your stress-free attitude! Advice I could definitely use for myself :)
I wonder about the BSN thing, too. I'm in an ASN program and I fully intend to take it to the next level (once I pay off ASN debt and save for the BSN), but everyone shouldn't have to and doesn't it seem like every other day there is supposedly going to be a new thing they're phasing out/getting rid of/adding in? and it never really seems to happen. Supposedly our hospitals here are claiming they plan on getting rid of CNAs and LVNs first. HA! They think they're understaffed now! Chyeah right.