Monday, July 23, 2012

Yeppppp....still around

Wow oh is time just flying on by.  Bullet time...

***Work has amazingly gone well the last 6 weeks or so.  I have been working mostly full-time hours & so far, so good...nothing bad has happened.  I hope I haven't just jinxed myself.  I work the next 3 nights in a row.

***I have discovered Brighton jewelry....sometimes I wish I hadn't. ($$$)

***I have also been influenced by my niece in regards to Vera Bradley merchandise.  Again, sometimes I wish I hadn't.  ($$$)

***I can officially say I am tan!!!!!!!  Many hours dedicated to lounging has not been easy.  (Are you feeling sorry for me yet?)  However, tonight I have opted to use the lotion with a little bronzer in it.  :)

***Magic Mike...overrated.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy watching a man like Tatum Channing dance & strip, but the plot was dumbbbbbbbbb.  And I hear they are making a part II.  

***Katy Perry movie...underrated.  That has been one of the best movies/documentaries I have ever seen.  I went into it thinking it would semi-suck & that I'd enjoy the music since I loved her concert.  I was pleasantly surprised...she even had me crying...happy tears & sad tears.  I can't even count the number of times I got the chills either.  It was either really touching or I was pms'ing.

***My thyroid is finally straightened this I mean my TSH is back in a normal zone.  I don't feel much different except my elbows don't seem so dry & I am not having hot flashes anymore.  I seriously thought I was starting perimenopause with how hot I would feel & waking up sweaty....not to mention the sweating at work.  Ugh. 

***With that being said, I have not lost anymore weight.  Total lost since April 1 is 23 lbs.  But 20 lbs were when my thyroid was all screwed up & I shouldn't have been able to lose anything.  The last 3 lbs....I keep going up & down.  I haven't even weighed in the last 3 weeks because I haven't lost anything.  I still need to get into a regular exercise habit - I plan on joining the YMCA.  I want to do the kickboxing & zumba.  I know I can do them at home, but I also know that being out in public...I am more likely to keep going instead of sitting down & quitting when I get tired.  I also need to start walking.  I'm not giving up!

***Best of all....I leave on a Caribbean cruise in 12 days!!!!!!  I CANNOT WAIT.  I'm going with my niece, my friend & her two kids.  Oh & maybe my  He's a friend of my friend & next thing I know, I'm booking him a cabin on the same cruise.  Should be interesting.................


Amanda said...

Oh no-- you can't throw in the cabin mate like that!!!! I hope you have a fantastic trip. I bet you will be really tan when you get back :)

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