Saturday, September 7, 2013

Not Much

Not much to really say about work lately.  Why?  Cause I've only worked the equivalent of one shift in the last 2 weeks.  I called in sick last week...for 3 days in a row.  And this week I was only scheduled for 2 shifts....I got put on call Tuesday...only to be called in at 10 pm.  Ugh...and to ICU.  It turned out to be ok.  I can guarantee you I'll never be an ICU nurse though.  It just isn't for me.  And I went to work Wednesday night & my charge nurse called me at 10:30 & said "Hey, do you want to go home at 11?"  Uhhhh, heck yeah!!!!!!!!!  It is rare that this ever happens any more & the stars had aligned cause I didn't carpool that night either.  My paycheck isn't gonna be pretty...but my peace of mind is skyrocketing.  

I don't know if other hospitals are doing this...but my hospital admin is obsessed with controlling blood sugars.  I mean to the point that we are making practically everyone hypoglycemic by morning time.  So they switched it up, but it is OCD I tell you.  To the point that on some patients we are doing accuchecks every 2 hours.  We don't have any endocrinologists that come to our hospital.  I think without an expert in the field, we will never be able to come up with something that actually works.  So instead, we will poke & prod & over-medicate these people...just to make admin happy.  In the past, they actually had us giving insulin to those with a blood sugar of 121 or bedtime.  Ummmm, I don't think anything under 150 at bedtime is anything to worry about.  They are going to sleep & not getting breakfast until 8:30 am.  Over 15 hours since they had dinner.  Sigh.

On a bright football is back.  Go Gators!!!!!!

I have decided to end things with my guy.  I just don't feel I'm a priority in his life...sooo see ya.  He won't go away though.  Wish me luck.

The other hospital in the area that is our competition is having some real struggles.  They have decided to cut the nightshift differential in half.  That's basically a $10,000 pay cut for each night nurse.  Admin states they have order to meet the budget.  Mind you, the CEO gave herself a $120,000 raise though.  So instead of a million dollars, she makes $1,120,000.  Is that not insane?  And the hospital is going downhill.  No wonder we have been so busy the entire year.  I hear hospital morale is non-existent.  That's sad.  They are also laying off 400 people....but giving the doctors $500,000 bonuses.  And that is after acquiring a doctors group for $50 million.  I will never work in admin.  I just can't screw people over like they do.

We had our employee survey last month.  They say a record number completed the survey...93%.  Can't wait to see those results.  I hope people were honest & not brainwashed with all the meetings we had about it.

And on a final's nearly fall!!!!!!!!  Which means pumpkin everything!  Yum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Karin said...

I got put on call and did not get called in to work once this week. ICU is busy with very sick patients but not enough of them. I hope we get busy soon...

I hope you feel better. It sucks being sick.