Wednesday, December 4, 2013

What the ???

What the heck...where did the last 3 months go??? some catching up to do.  Basically...nothing's  Well, except for my attitude.  I've decided I'm going to look on the bright side & to try to understand things from a different point of view.  ANDDDDDDDD I'm not going to allow work to stress me out.  I leave it all at the door now & I am happier than ever.  

I mean...what good does it do to fight against all the changes that I cannot change?  Nursing is no longer a healthcare career.  It is customer service...plain & simple.  Sure, we give meds & we do dressing changes & we try to teach out patients how to live a healthy lifestyle...but any nurse that works in a hospital knows that all that we learned in nursing school comes second to trying to please a patient & their family so that we get a good survey after they go home.  Because the only thing that matters is their perception of how clean & quiet the hospital was.  Why fight it?  I'm good at customer service.  It's part of the reason I connect so well with the majority of my patients.

The past couple of weeks I've had to take care of heroin addicts, crackheads & alcoholics.  This was definitely not what I pictured when I was in nursing school.  And I must say it is the hardest type of patients to care for....because they do not care about themselves & all that matters is their drugs & the me, me, me attitude.  I had one spitting on the floor the other morning.  I looked at her like WTF??? & told her to stop it.  She knows better, she just doesn't care.  And then she'd whine "no one cares about meeeeeeeeeeee."  She ended up leaving AMA (against medical advice).  I just don't have a high tolerance for this.  

We are sort of creating this attitude though.  We cater to their every need...and don't get as much as a thank you.  I don't know, maybe I say thank you too much.  Something as simple as a waiter refilling my glass of water will warrant a thank you from me.  At work, I run my ass off for 12 hrs & it still isn't enough.  But remember my first isn't going to stress me out anymore.  I can only do what I can do.  I will continue to try my best to make someone's night a little better.  And when I go all stays behind in the hospital.  I'm not taking that stress home.

Nuff said.  Moving on.  I'm still with my guy.  I tried to end it...a few times.  He doesn't go away...and I don't mean in an annoying, stalking type way.  We work through the issues & right now things are pretty good.  Who knows what the future holds.  I'm not going to worry about that either.  Life is short...enjoy each precious day.

That CEO of the other hospital I posted about in my last post.......she got fired.  Big  I haven't heard much else about that hospital lately.

Our employee survey....the results were not as great as they hoped.  Another big shock.  Nothing has changed...they still continue to short staff us on purpose.  They call it productivity.  Yeah, ok.  Sigh.

The Gators were the worst ever this year.  Luckily, my alma mater, UCF is doing great!  GO UCF!!!

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