Monday, July 4, 2005


It's been so nice having the last week off.  I'm dreading having to go to work tomorrow night.  I'll be working the next 6 out of 8 days.  At least when it's over, I get another week off - I'll just have to focus on that.  I'm planning to go to Sea World & also spend a few days at a hotel for some sun & fun.  I promised my 8 yr old niece I'd take her with - so hopefully the weather will cooperate.  We've had rain every single day throughout the month of June & so far in July also.  It hasn't rained here yet today - but it's looking a little cloudy.  Hopefully it will pass so it won't ruin the July 4th celebrations.  The hurricanes have been staying away also - thankfully. 

I got to spend some time with my family, went shopping, watched the Busch race & the Pepsi 400 (woo hoo Tony Stewart).  I was happy to see Dale Jr. finally have a decent finish.  It's been a long time & hopefully his focus is back. 

I also took my niece to see Herbie - Fully Loaded.  Cute movie!  I saw Mr. & Mrs. Smith last week - good movie.  Next on my list is War of the Worlds - just need to find the time to see it. 

I haven't really thought much about work during my time off.  I have been thinking about the timing of setting up an interview with the other local hospital.  Optimally, I would like to remain on staff (per diem) where I'm at now & work there at least 2 days a month (at per diem rates) and work full time at the other hospital - but I am not relying on that to happen.  I am not even sure how to go about talking to my manager regarding this.  Before anything though, I need to set up an interview & get a job offer.  Do I set it up now & tell them I cannot begin until August or do I wait until it's closer to August?  I'll figure it out eventually.  My only hope this week is that Gina & I are working on the same floor.  It just makes it so much easier & fun.  So we shall see.

Happy July 4th y'all!!!

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