Friday, July 29, 2005

Drinks & a movie

Tonight I met Kelly up at Chili's for drinks & then we saw the movie The Wedding Crashers - great movie!  I went to nursing school with Kelly.  She works at a different hospital now, but we get together now & then to catch up on how things are going.  We had read about it in the past, but now it's a reality.  I'm talking about exchanging all of the gross details, facts, stories, situations about what we've encountered at work.  Stuff that non-medical people would freak out over hearing about, much less being able to eat at the same time.  Gotta have a good sense humor to survive!!!!!  Otherwise the stress will eat you alive.

Update on my house situation - both the house I live in & the house I rent are up for sale.  A builder has touched base with my dad & wants to buy all the land we have to sell (about 20 acres).  He is sending a "letter of intent" with his offer.  Hopefully it will be a good offer so we can sell.  I want out of this town.  As much as it's comfortable & I hate the idea of packing up all my stuff...the thought buying another home & starting new sounds wonderful to me.  My only requirement - it must have a swimming pool.  I can't go another summer without close access to a pool. 

Lots of change seems to be looming - a new hospital & a new house - I'm ready for both opportunities.  Bring it on!  Have a good weekend, y'all!!!

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