Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Add another hospital to my resume

My interview went wonderful!  I got the job.  So did Gina.  We'll be working on the same unit/same floor.  In fact, the manager seemed pleased that we work well together & has no problem if we want to work the same nights.  How refreshing!  We both will be working PRN/per diem & the starting rate is $31/hr plus differential.  I can't believe it!  9 months out of nursing school & we'll be making over $40/hr.  The floor is similar to PCU where we're at now.  It's considered a cardiac floor but it consists of telemetry, post-surgical patients (non-cardiac) & overflow of med-surg.  We each get our own laptop/cart with meds in it.  The floor always has at least 2 techs.  The scheduling is pretty flexible, they pay us to take ACLS (mandatory) & other classes if we want.  It's just amazing how different it is compared to where we're at now.  I cannot wait to see what it's like.  I go back Monday to go over all of the necessary paperwork plus get my photo ID.  Then they'll give us more info regarding orientation & scheduling.  We should have done this sooner!

Now the hard part - approaching the hospital we're at now & getting them to be flexible with our needs.  Ideally I still want to remain there part-time in order to keep my benefits & to not burn any bridges.  I am checking out getting my own health insurance policy & simply going per diem at both hospitals.  That seems like the best option for me.  However, until that is set up, I need to remain part-time in order to keep my health insurance.  I'll make the call tomorrow & see what happens (fingers crossed). 

I'm going out tonight to celebrate with William.  It's his 40th birthday also...so a double celebration!!! 


sassyreneelynn said...

Congrats Jenn!  That is so great.   Good luck with the hospital and staying on part time.  I hope it all works out.  Oh btw what's per diem?  I'm just starting my classes on the 24th and learning so much from your journal.  Thanks for sharing with all of us.  

lisamarbaby said...

My comment is general & not necessarily pertaining to the portion that's quoted - but just that I'm really enjoying reading your entries on nursing - I'm getting a very real feel for what it's like as a nurse - especially a fairly new one! Lisa

carasnana7 said...

Great Job Congratulations!!!! I am entering my 2nd semester...3 more to go...Your site is an inspiration and I look forward to reading it...Good luck with your current hospital..