Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Hurricane Katrina??

We've got a possible hurricane on the way & I am hoping I don't get stuck at work.  Right now it's a tropical storm, but expected to be upgraded to a hurricane before it gets to Florida.  It's not due to hit until Friday AM sometime.  I'm hoping after 8 am because I work Thursday night/Friday morning & then I am off until Sunday night.  I don't want to spend my weekend at the hospital.  Aaron & I are planning to have a little hurricane party.  :)

Gina & I have been in orientation all week at the new hospital.  Why is orientation always so boring?  The neat thing about this time around...we know a lot of what they are talking about - so I guess we have learned something.  Woo hoo!  Tomorrow is the last day - it's computer training.  We use the same computer system at the other hospital, so it should be a piece of cake.  Our first actual night on the floor isn't until next Friday night.  We each have a preceptor, but our manager is already telling us to let him know when we're ready to be on our own.  Kinda scary that he has that much confidence in us to be on our own considering he really doesn't know much about us, but who knows...maybe he sees something in us.  Either that or he's desperate to get extra nurses on the floor!  I don't think it will be too bad since we are familiar with the computer system.  The only real new thing is the Emar - electronic MAR & having to scan the patient for each & every drug you give them.  They are really advanced as far as medication dispensing.  They have a robot that pulls the drugs automatically each night rather than a pharmacist.  It prevents medication errors.  I'm interested in seeing how it works. 

We also signed up for ACLS today.  The class is at the end of Sept.  They offer a prep class also & we signed up - figure anything to make it a little easier.  This hospital is great - the courses are free, the books don't cost us anything as long as we give them back after the course is over.  The other hospital charges you for the books & makes you pay $75 for the course.  They will reimburse the $75 if you pass, but who knows how long it takes to get that money back.  Plus the new hospital pays $1 more an hour once you are certified.  Our old hospital doesn'thave any incentives. 

I have computer class from 8 to noon tomorrow, then I work from 7 pm to 7 am.  I plan to get some sleep on Friday during the day - especially if it is raining out like they are predicting.  Then it's time to catch up with Aaron.  I'm looking forward to it!  I'll write more after the storm has passed.  :)

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nicurnmama said...

we had a robot at the hospital I used to work at. We affectionately called him Rex and he had a name badge with its photo on it.
My first born daughter was a little freaked out at this robot roaming the halls delivering meds to patient floors so I used to tease her that Rex was her prom date.
Good luck with orientation.