Saturday, August 20, 2005

Relaxing day

Not too much is really going on at the moment.  It feels like I haven't worked in ages when really it's only been 4 days off.  I'm not scheduled to work again until Thursday it is a nice break.  Orientation starts Monday at the new hospital.  Weird to think that a year ago on Monday, I was just starting my final semester of nursing school.  My how time flies!

I do have an update on one of my past patients - the unstable guy that came up from the ER still complaining of chest pain.  I think it's under the title "14 mg of Morphine."  I ended up sending him to ICU & he was in the process of having a heart attack.  They did a cardiac cath a day later & it showed 100% blockage of one of his vessels in a location that is not accessible for surgery.  Not exactly sure why it's not accessible, but that's what the report said.  He ended up going home a day or two later because at this point, all they can do is manage it with medications.   I wish I could go back & find that ER nurse that thought the guy was faking.  I'd like to hit him upside the head.  :) 

And another update in my life - I recently got back in touch with someone that had been a roommate of mine back in the 90's & one of my best friends = otherwise known as Aaron.  We had a falling out about 9 years ago & I totally stopped talking to him.  I had the urge to get in touch with him & this week I was able to do it.  We've been emailing & chatting on the far so good.  We'll catch up sometime for drinks or dinner.  I'm just hoping to reestablish the friendship, cause he was always a good friend to me. 

It's a rainy, stormy day here in central Florida - just the type of day that makes me want to stay indoors.  My sleep schedule is still really messed up.  I've only been able to sleep for about 2 or 3 hours at a time.  Not really sure what is going on with that - guess it's just one of the drawbacks to working at night & trying to switch to a daytime schedule.  Even after 8 months of working nights, I haven't been able to figure out what works for me as far as sleep goes.  Such problems I 

Ok, I've bored you enough......good-bye!

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