Saturday, August 13, 2005

Hurricane Charley anniversary

One year ago at this time, I had fled from my house over to Julie & Shawn's because Hurricane Charley was on his way. In some ways it seems like it's been longer than a year, but at the same time, it doesn't seem like it's been an entire year. I've been in Florida a very long time...about 25 years. Hurricane Charley was the first major hurricane I've ever dealt with (or at least remember dealing with). When Hurricane Andrew hit back in 1992, I happened to luck out & be in Cancun, Mexico at the time - that hurricane extended my vacation free of charge for 3 more days! Anyways, back to the anniversary of Hurricane Charley. It was the most destruction I've ever seen. Luckily I only had one tree fall although the power was out for days. Hopefully we won't have a repeat of last year - 3 major hurricanes within 6 weeks.

I went out with Julie today to see the movie Monster-in-Law. It was cute even though I'm not a fan of J. Lo or Jane Fonda. After that we had the slowest dinner ever at The Olive Garden. All we ordered was salad & breadsticks - I swear it took about a half hour for the waiter to get it to our table. Oh well, what can ya do?

Not much else really going on. My sleep schedule is all messed up. I don't even really have one - just catch a few hours whenever I get sleepy. Why bother getting back to a day schedule when I have to work the next 3 nights?

I've gotten hooked on watching the latest tattoo shows...Inked & Miami Ink. It's making me want to get a tattoo, but I have no idea what to get or even where to put it. It would have to be something small & non-gawdy (lol). No rush.

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