Friday, July 15, 2005

I did it!

I applied for a position in the ICU at another hospital.  Gina did also.  We work with a woman that is already working in that unit & she is encouraging us to challenge ourselves & to learn more.  Which I have to agree - after only 6 months, it seems like the same old routine with most of our patient care in PCU.  We'll see what happens with that.  I also applied with a couple of nursing travel agencies.  I'm not ready to travel just yet, but wanted to see what opportunities are out there. The benefits are amazing.

I'm a little tired today.  I took my niece & went with some friends to Orlando yesterday.  Went swimming at the Nickelodeon pool & then to Sea World.  Saw way more of the dolphins than I wanted to ever see.  I'm taking my niece to Libby Lu's in a few hours - she has no idea, I wanted to surprise her. 

Not much else really going on...just relaxing in the hot Florida weather.  Hurricane Dennis passed my area by - we really didn't even get all that much rain, no difference really than the usual thunderstorms.  I'm thankful - hurricanes stay away!

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