Saturday, January 14, 2006

Mudslides anyone???

I went out tonight with Kelly.....a friend/classmate from nursing school.  We went to the movies & then to Red Lobster where we had a couple of mudslides & toasted to completing our first year as nurses.  Kelly is an oncology nurse, which is perfect for her - she's always good at making people feel better mentally.  I wish she'd switch over to PCU so we could work together, but she won't.  Her home is in oncology.  We traded multiple "work" stories over dinner.  Nothing too gory this time.  It was a nice time. 

I had a short week at work this week...just two days.  I was sick all of last weekend & not back to feeling all that much better, so I made it an easy week.  On top of being sick, I also broke my toe...yet another reason to make it an easy week.

It was an interesting week as usual...I've reflected so much on the events that took place last week with my patient that died.  I even looked up her obituary online.  Of course I've secondguessed myself & wonder if perhaps I missed something that could have made the outcome different...but ultimately I think when it's our turn to go...there are no interventions that are going to prevent our departure.  So I am at ease with all that went on. 

I've had patients this week that were in the same room she was in last week.  I definitely was reminded each time I went in the room - I think that room # will always stick with me.  Luckily these patients were ok though.  Monday night was a busy night...lots of admissions.  I had a patient that required a sitter - she had a "medical misadventure"....fancy wording for medication overdose. 

My other patients are just a blur...they were all stable...sick, but stable.  I did receive a very interesting patient towards the end of my shift on Wednesday morning.  A woman with psychogenic polydipsia, which basically means she drinks way too much water - like so much that it could kill her...but she can't help it...she craves water.  In her case, she drank so much that her sodium count was 121 (135-145 is normal) & she was having seizures. 

On a different note...going back to last week...Wednesday night there was a Code Gray called on my floor.  Gina & I were both there so we go check it out only to find it's this little old man that was determined to leave his room.  He was so NOT intimated by women & he had this crazy look in his eyes - enough for me to stay away from him.  Within seconds our manpower showed up...about 5-10 people came flying around the corner.  That definitely changed his attitude....a smile broke across his face & he was like "All of you don't need to be here."  Within a few minutes, we had him back in his room & we found out from his nurse that it was his birthday.  Since there was a crowd gathered, we decided to sing "Happy Birthday" to him.  It was cute.  Nice to see a potentially difficult situation turn out so well. 

There was a shooting today at a middle school I went to back when I was in 6th grade.  I turned on the tv & saw the news coverage....then went on to read about the officer that shot the kid & it is someone I went to high school with.  Wow!  Anyways, it's a sad situation - the kid is on life support.  Hopefully he'll make it & get some help for whatever caused him to bring a gun (ended up being a pellet gun) to school & holding his classmate hostage. 

I'm off until Monday night & plan to relax playing with my new, playstation, well as shop for a few other things I am wanting/needing.  :)  Gotta have time for R&R.

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cah601 said...

What a relief to discover that your MUDSLIDES were NOT what I was initially thinking  LOL.  Afterall, being a nurse, and hearing MUDSLIDES, makes one wonder what hellish night or day you MIGHT have had.  Whew..........Take care of the toe you broke and get some R&R.   Love, Carole