Friday, January 20, 2006

A New Direction?

I went to the Job Fair/interview yesterday afternoon.  It was interesting to say the least.  It was a room set up with something like 100 managers from practically each & every nursing department in all of their hospital locations.  It tended to be a little distracting with so many people talking all around me.  It was more like a semi-interview as opposed to a real interview.  I spoke with people from the flex pool as well as someone from the mother/baby unit.  She seemed to really like me.  Gotta love the interview questions, right?  "Tell me about a time when you participated in teamwork."  Or "Tell me when you went above & beyond for a patient."  Anyways, it ended with the lady from mother/baby telling me she'd speak with her manager & that she would see me soon.  She asked how soon I could start, etc. 

Of course I came home last night & reflected on the possible direction change of my career.  What do I know about taking care of mothers & babies?  Absolutely nothing!  It's a good opportunity though.  So if they are offering, I will accept.  Time will tell.


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hyostee said...


I actually came across one of your posts at when I was searching for stethoscope-related info.  I'm in my 3rd semester of a BSN program in Northern California and I just thought it was cool you have this journal about nursing here.  So you've been out of nursing school for a year?  What departments have you been working in and how do you like it?  I'm still undecided about my future BUT I get the impression that doing Med-surg for 6 months-one year is a good foundation for all over specialties.. would you agree?