Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Slow week

It's a slow week at work for me...our patient census has dropped.  Not sure if this is something that happens nationwide or if it's more location specific.  Florida is known for having plenty of "snowbirds"...senior citizens that spend the winters in Fl & the summers up north.  As a result, our hospitals are packed in the winter & way below census in the summer.  Therefore, I got called off last night because we had too many nurses & not enough patients.  I don't mind, just hope this isn't gonna happen a lot.  Perhaps it's time I started looking for a per diem or agency job at another hospital.  I'll think about that next week. 

Because as most of you know that have been reading my journal on a regular nephew's baseball team is in the state championship tournament this weekend.  They play Friday at 1 pm.  I hope they play well enough to win.  This team has been to the state championship tournament the last 3 years in a row...but they have been unable to bring home the 1st place trophy.  The competition is really, really tough this year...but then it's so easy to overlook just how good they are too.  I hope this is their year to take it all home. 

I did work Monday night.  I felt like I was babysitting...not because it was easy this time, but because each of my patients were a little on the needy side & kept using their call bells all night.  I felt like I was juggling trying to meet their needs.  It was simple stuff...too hot in the room, too cold (in the same room), need assistance getting to the bathroom, need the bedpan, need a blood transfusion, need medications, need someone to talk to, need help with my covers, need something to drink...nothing life threatening, just time consuming. 

I'll be back by Sunday to update you on the state tournament.  Wish us luck!!!


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am4039 said...

good luck with  your nephews baseball team.